Thursday March 11th, 2021

Benefits of music therapy

There is no doubt that music directly influences our state of mind, but its effects go well beyond mere psychological impact. We can define music therapy as a therapy that employs music with the aim of benefiting our health through improvements in different personal areas such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive.

Music therapy is recommended for different people and different cases:

  • In adults with addiction problems.
  • Anyone with brain damage.
  • People who suffer from degenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s or some type of disability.
  • In terminal patients or with chronic pain.

And, moreover, in healthy adults it can decrease anxiety and stress, improving our self-esteem and increasing creativity. Concretely for women, music therapy is recommended during pregnancy and labor. For children, music therapy is beneficial for minors with behavioral problems, autism, low self-esteem, learning difficulties and socialization problems.