chica escuchando música

La música es una parte importante y habitual de la vida de una persona. Se encuentra en muchos ámbitos y podemos escucharla en casi cualquier lugar.  Desde el autobús, mientras trabajamos, limpiando, en la radio, con el móvil – que llevamos a todas partes -, para los viajes, para jugar con los niños, cantar, bailar, […]

Find a peaceful spot, hit play, keep reading and let the music do the rest. You are listening to the most relaxing song ever created. The piece was composed by the British trio Marconi Union, three men from Manchester with an amazing talent at developing musical atmospheres with synthesizers. The song is called Weightless, and […]

There is no doubt that music directly influences our state of mind, but its effects go well beyond mere psychological impact. We can define music therapy as a therapy that employs music with the aim of benefiting our health through improvements in different personal areas such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive. Music therapy is […]