Thursday March 18th, 2021

Properties and Benefits of Cocoa

Cocoa has so many benefits for our body that we just had to tell you them. Although we warn you that simply writing this post has made us want to go out and get some chocolate right away, so we are not responsible for the diets that we may be breaking… 😛

Cardiovascular benefits

The polyphenols of cocoa have vasodilating effects that facilitate blood pressure control and regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. The greater the number of polyphenols, the higher the protection against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and cognitive deterioration. They also help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

Antioxidant properties

Cocoa is the number 1 food with antioxidant properties, ahead of green tea, acai, red wine and goji berries. Antioxidants prevent the negative action of free radicals, preventing the degeneration of our cells.

Furthermore, if you consume it raw it has a high content of magnesium, iron and chrome, the minerals that are necessary to enable our organism to work properly.

Stimulant of the nervous system

It provides stimulating and euphoric properties, because it has a high energy content. Thus, it helps us to recover in tired physical and mental states, and to help us to feel more active. Moreover, it has beneficial effects in concentration.

It improves your mood

This rich food also helps to produce endorphins, hormones that improve our mood.

Stimulant of the digestive system

Besides helping us with our emotions, cocoa is a good digestive. It has been proven that cocoa contains substances that reach our colon, producing microorganisms and bacteria that are present in our bacterial flora, alleviating the symptoms of constipation.

Benefits for the skin

Who has not wanted to try chocolate therapy some time? Applying it in a massage helps to soften our skin. Moreover, pure cocoa extract has reductive properties, burning fat and reducing cellulite.

And if you have managed to reach the end of the article, you deserve a reward. A little bit of chocolate, for example…