On the 29th, the time will change from 03:00am to 02:00am. We will sleep one more hour, but we will be more prone to suffering depression. Living beings follow a circadian rhythm that establishes in humans 8 hours of sleep and 16 of vigil in a full day. Our biological clock tells us when we […]

Ha vuelto el otoño y como cada año, emprendemos con nuevos proyectos, nuevos cursos, proyectos que se empiezan, aprender idiomas, apuntarse al gimnasio, ideas que se ordenan y una agenda llena de cosas que queremos hacer. Pero también hemos de pensar en lo que quiere y lo que necesita nuestro cuerpo para habituarse a estos […]

Dutch production company LifeHunters decided to conduct an experiment, in which a young man promised to eliminate sugar and alcohol from his diet for one month. Sacha Harland followed this strict diet for 30 days, talking about the changes and moods he experienced each day, and the end result, by way of a mini-documentary. To […]