Lactose is the sugar in milk, present in some prepared foods and in all mammal milk that we consume: cow, sheep, goat and even human. In our small intestine we have an enzyme called lactose, which plays an important role in the body when we ingest foods with lactose, as it is responsible for separating […]

Ginger is a tuber with infinite health benefits that originates in the East and is very popular in traditional Chinese medicine. However, it is not only used in medicine, and is a great ally in the kitchen. Its unique taste is not to everyone’s liking, as it has a very particular blend of sweet, refreshing […]

The good weather is starting and we eagerly await summer so we can sunbathe and show off our body beautiful at the beach or at the pool. But with this also comes the rush to offload what we have been hiding under our long pants all winter. Whether it is because we work sitting down […]

The psychologist Kelly McGonigal has exceeded 10 million views on the well-known talk platform, TED, with the video “How to make stress your friend”. And in truth, we have always known that stress is harmful to our body in many ways, but we rarely find a long-lasting solution. In her talk, this psychologist tells us […]

You bet it helps! This is not just a random statement. There are many scientific studies to show that having an animal as a companion can be beneficial in various ways. The first thing that might come to mind here is the company that a pet can offer us, but the benefits they bring go […]

Having good eating habits doesn’t only mean having a balanced diet; there are many other factors that influence our everyday well-being. The first and most important thing to be aware of is that through good nutrition, all of our body’s organs can function effectively. We also have more energy throughout the day, we physically look […]

Antioxidants are essential for maintaining good cellular health and keeping us young, since they insulate cells from the damages caused by free radicals and the passage of time. Which is why it is advisable to include certain vitamins and minerals in our diets. Vitamins are one of the most well-known antioxidants, specifically vitamin C, which […]

La semana pasada publicamos una entrada en el blog hablando de la quinoa (aquí) los beneficios y características de este vegetal que se está poniendo de moda dentro de la variedad de recetas sanas y ricas para llevar una alimentación sana y relacionada, en muchos casos, con la pérdida de peso. Pues hoy vamos a […]

We have heard it said many times that walnuts bring a great number of benefits, but like with many foods, people say a lot of things and we end up not knowing what is true and what is not. So we are going to look at the properties and the benefits that walnuts provide us […]

Son muchas las personas que en temporadas muy señaladas, cambios de estación o situaciones personales, sufren irritaciones u otras afecciones en el cuero cabelludo, que en ocasiones llegan a desesperarnos por culpa del picor o la caspa. El cuero cabelludo, usualmente, está protegido por el cabello, pero muchas veces esta protección puede ser una desventaja […]