Planta Melisa

Es una planta natural que posee multitud de beneficios para el organismo humano, por eso es conocida por su uso medicinal, para tratar distintas afecciones y dolencias. Una de sus propiedades más conocidas es que ayuda a combatir problemas relacionados con las alteraciones nerviosas, pero son muchos otros sus usos y beneficios: 1 – Como […]

Chicas adultas de espalda dando un paseo

Menopausia. Una palabra que nos asusta a todas las mujeres. Una etapa más que todavía no hemos asimilado pero que toda mujer alcanza. Es como la etapa en la que la mujer adquiere su capacidad reproductora y su madurez sexual, pero esta vez se trata de la pérdida de esa capacidad que habíamos adquirido. Se […]

Estamos felices. Nos sentimos diferentes pero como nunca. Estupendas. Y aunque hemos esperado durante nueve meses, ahora ya está aquí. Ya somos mamás. Es normal que ahora todos los detalles sean para el bebé, todas las preocupaciones y atenciones estén dirigidas a él. Pero no te olvides, tú también tienes que cuidarte y darte tiempo. […]

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La cúrcuma es una planta medicinal originaria del Suroeste Asiático,  cuya raíz tiene un característico color amarillo intenso.  Solemos verla en forma de polvo para poder utilizarla como condimento o colorante alimentario, pero debemos saber que  tiene multitud de propiedades beneficiosas para nuestra salud:  La cúrcuma tiene propiedades antioxidantes, antibacterianas y digestivas. Por lo tanto, […]

Las digestiones pesadas aparecen cuando un alimento llega al estómago y el proceso de digestión no se realiza normalmente.  Es decir, nuestro intestino solamente puede absorber una cantidad determinada de nutrientes,  los cuales deben llegar al intestino delgado lo suficientemente procesados.  Por eso todo aquello que no podamos digerir, el intestino no lo absorberá y […]

El colesterol no avisa, es silencioso y no da síntomas aparentes. Sin embargo, dejarlo pasar puede traer problemas graves. Por eso es sumamente importante controlarlo periódicamente. Es verdad que el colesterol es muy útil para muchas funciones de nuestro organismo como la formación de hormonas sexuales, la manutención de las neuronas cerebrales, la digestión de […]

¿Sabías que, el colágeno es la proteína más abundante en el tejido conectivo de nuestro cuerpo? El colágeno representa el 30 % de las proteínas del cuerpo y es esencial para proteger las estructuras y la movilidad de nuestro esqueleto. Es producida de forma natural por nuestro organismo, pero a medida que van pasando los […]

El síndrome premenstrual (SPM) afecta casi a la mitad de las mujeres. Se trata de un conjunto de alteraciones físicas y emocionales que muchas mujeres tienen una semana o dos antes de su periodo menstrual.  A veces los síntomas son leves y aparecen en torno a uno o dos días. Sin embargo, hay mujeres que […]

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Mint is a plant commonly used to add flavor and cook certain dishes. It is also used for preparing cocktails and some medicinal drinks. One of the most important properties of mint is that it has antispasmodic and carminative effects, helping fight digestive problems, especially indigestion, flatulence and stomachaches or stomach cramps. In addition, this […]

Federal agencies have been carrying out extensive studies that conclude that climate change will have harmful effects on public health. So far, this study concerns US citizens, but the rest of us will soon be affected too. The results of the study suggest that by summer 2030, in the USA there may be around 11,000 […]

A kilo here, another one there, and suddenly your clothes don’t fit and jokes about your fat stomach are starting to bother you. Getting older goes with gaining weight, even when you are sticking to a healthy diet. A sedentary lifestyle, social factors, hormonal imbalance, medication and genetic factors can all play a part. But […]

Dopamine is one of the major neurotransmitters in our nervous system. It is essential for perceiving and processing emotions and feelings related to well-being, motivation and attention. And it seems that nowadays we are all searching for it desperately to help us cope with the overabundance of information, our endless work hours and our busy […]

With the change of season or at times of stress, many people suffer from rashes or other scalp conditions that can cause itchiness and dandruff. The problem is that we often don’t know any effective remedies to treat these conditions and we apply treatment that is probably not a long term solution (for example; anti-dandruff […]

In a previous post, we spoke about the new diseases or diseases 2.0, diseases that have begun to appear due to the excessive use of technology. And today we’re bringing you another one: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This condition has existed for some time but is now increasing due to the use of Wi-Fi routers and mobile […]

We have repeated it time and time again, changes in the weather affect us and play havoc with our defences. Our immune system is affected and colds are common at this time. Coughs, runny noses, prickly throats… The respiratory system is extremely sensitive and medicinal plants can be very beneficial and help to prevent autumn […]

The changing seasons and the arrival of the cold makes us more sad and apathetic. The climate has a significant influence on our mood and, just as we feel happier when the good weather comes along, fog, rain and all the signs of winter give our body and our mind the blues. We all know […]

Evening primrose is an edible plant with many properties, although from the medicinal point of view the most interesting part are the seeds of its flowers, from which, by means of a cold extrusion process, evening primrose oil is extracted. The plant is native to North America and throughout history it has been used by […]

Let’s admit it; the desire of stretching the summer always bites us back. The rain and cool temperatures catch us by surprise and we end up in bed with an awful cold. And, this is why, in today’s post we are going to give you some tips on how to adjust to autumn without catching […]

Lemon, the faithful companion in all our drinks. And now, more and more, in the water we drink. But, is it as healthy as it seems? The answer: it depends where they serve it to you. If you buy your own lemons and consume them at home, it can be very beneficial. But, be careful […]

During menopause women are more prone to suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. Hence, food plays a very important role in controlling these and other negative symptoms of menopause, such as difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, mood swings and bouts of depression. To make this period easier to bear, there are certain […]

Most of the time, the sell-by date system in foods does not correspond to the date in which they are no longer suitable for consumption, but to the date of the product’s optimal quality. This confuses many consumers and causes unnecessary concerns. In fact, there are products that never go bad, even if they have […]

Nowadays, the consumption of Ibuprofen and paracetamol has become so widespread that we use them when we have the slightest of headaches. The problem is that we do not really know what they are and how they work in our organism. This is why in today’s post we are going to tell you a bit […]

Pollen, the fear of springtime. Our eyes water, we are constantly stuffed up, our noses itch and–for the most extreme cases–we even have sneezing attacks and asthma. An allergy to grass pollen is the most common in Spain, and it increases when temperatures start to rise and flowers start blooming. This year, good temperatures have […]

Alone, with your partner or in a group, there’s no excuse for not grabbing your mat and doing the sun salutation. Yoga has become extremely widespread in recent years and, whether it is just trendy or due to all the benefits it provides, we think it’s great. This sport is centered on breathing and stretching […]

The number of people in the world suffering from dementia has soared above 40 million, and cases of Alzheimer’s are becoming increasingly more widespread. In addition to other factors, it seems like our diets have a highly significant role in the development of this disease, especially with regard to the consumption of high-fat dairy products, […]

The majority of the waste we generate is plastics and packaging, which are the more polluting. We live in a world where everything we buy at the supermarket is packaged. Lauren Singer, a young woman from New York, realized this and decided it was time for her to stop producing garbage. It may seem contradictory […]

After spending the summer moving from swimming pool to swimming pool, beach to beach and deck chair to deck chair, our skin and hair need to be pampered so they can recover from vacation excesses. Split ends, dryness, elasticity, shine… High temperatures, exposure to the sun, lack of moisture, salt and chlorine all mean that […]

Con la llegada de septiembre y la vuelta al cole, una de las mayores preocupaciones de los padres y educadores se llama piojos. Sí, muchas veces el tema de los piojos es un tabú, un tema del que cuesta hablar y no debería ser así. Coger piojos es algo que puede pasarle a cualquier persona, […]

We do not usually stop to think about our posture until we cannot endure any more back pain. What if we think about it before? Do we really know how to sit down, stand, walk, sunbathe…? Maintaining a bad posture is not only related to the pain that can appear in our back, but it […]

More than one celebrity has signed up for this famous diet that they assure has numerous benefits. So we’ve decided to delve into its methodology a bit deeper and tell you what we will be up against if we decide to do this diet. First things first, the foundation of what could be called a […]

Quinoa has become positioned as the trendy superfood due to its innumerable benefits and properties: it contains many proteins and minerals, little fat, and is gluten free, thus suitable for those with celiac disease. It was part of the diet of pre-Columbian cultures and Spanish colonists exchanged it for other cereals. And now the opposite […]

We often hesitate or lack patience thinking it will be hard, but in this post we are going to show you how you can grow your own food at home easier than you may think. More and more people are making the decision to plant their own vegetables, and urban gardens are very trendy now, […]

Today we are going to talk about kale, a plant with green leaves that has a high vitamin and mineral content, that is causing a sensation. It is also known as curly cabbage or borecole, from the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage family. This vegetable cleans the liver and the blood, and it is said that […]

If we want to think better, the solution is to take a walk. On those days when we have problems and cannot find the answer or don’t know what to do, the best thing is to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Walking helps clear our minds and think more clearly, […]

With the opening of swimming pools and the crowds of sun lovers on the beaches, the infection of the summer makes its appearance. We’re talking about cystitis, a urinary tract infection caused by the presence of microorganisms on the walls of the bladder. It especially affects women, is one of the most frequent in Spain […]

Cholesterol is a fatty substance needed to produce estrogen, vitamin D and other vital components. It is found in some foods, but is also produced by the liver. There are two types of cholesterol: – The bad one, LDL or low-density lipoprotein, which is deposited on the walls of the arteries and can cause cardiovascular […]

When the sun starts to appear, so do those extra kilos we want to get rid of to be in good shape for the summer. And we make the biggest mistake we can fall for: miracle diets and too much exercise. Weight loss is a process that, depending on each person’s constitution, takes time. Not […]

Inhotim, in addition to being a botanical garden and cultural and events center, is the largest outdoor museum in the world. A social project whose aim is to promote culture among the groups in the main mining basin in Brazil. The town is called Brumadinho and it is 60 k.m. from the capital of the […]

We bet the first thing you think of when we mention swimming pools is not exercise. However, despite the obvious summertime connotations of chilling out, vacations and relaxation, the swimming pool can be the best place to burn calories. Although many gyms offer classes like aqua fitness and aquagym, you can include it in your […]

Find a peaceful spot, hit play, keep reading and let the music do the rest. You are listening to the most relaxing song ever created. The piece was composed by the British trio Marconi Union, three men from Manchester with an amazing talent at developing musical atmospheres with synthesizers. The song is called Weightless, and […]

Lactose is the sugar in milk, present in some prepared foods and in all mammal milk that we consume: cow, sheep, goat and even human. In our small intestine we have an enzyme called lactose, which plays an important role in the body when we ingest foods with lactose, as it is responsible for separating […]

Ginger is a tuber with infinite health benefits that originates in the East and is very popular in traditional Chinese medicine. However, it is not only used in medicine, and is a great ally in the kitchen. Its unique taste is not to everyone’s liking, as it has a very particular blend of sweet, refreshing […]

Either due to laziness, or because we ate too much at the last meal, or we don’t want to get fat, or we think we’ll eat later because we’re in a rush… We probably skip at least one meal every day. Or at least it’s probably happened sometime in the past. Deep down, we all […]

It may seem obvious, but living in a good neighborhood makes our health improve. And we are not talking about avoiding dangerous neighborhoods. The mere fact of living in a place with pedestrian areas where neighbors greet you when they run into you on the street already makes our lives healthier. The Lancet magazine published […]

You’ve probably heard all the recommendations experts make for regulating intestinal flora. But the truth is that we pay more attention to other organs in our body than our intestines, and this is a mistake because there can be serious consequences to our bodies if they are not functioning properly. We mustn’t forget that the […]

You do not need to be an expert and neither is age a factor, dancing is fashionable and it has many benefits for your health. Dancing regularly is an exercise that helps us to combine coordination and movement, and this is what makes it a balanced exercise: we train our body and mind at the […]

Now the heat has arrived, there is no doubt that our skin is being exposed to the sun and we have to take precautions. Because, even if we do not see it, sun screen protects our skin more than we think and it is very important to take it seriously. The amount and the type […]

mesa con estudiantes

No time, stress, nervousness… Final exams are a tough period, and it is hard to get the sleep and food you need. Whether you are a student or have important job challenges ahead of you, we have a few food recommendations that will help you perform better. Avocado: this fruit has so many benefits that […]

We are so used to people telling us that we should avoid bad times that we sometimes forgot to cry. And it is actually good, very good, to cry. Our body produces more than 100 liters of tears a year, which has numerous benefits for human beings. It releases toxins Crying cleans our body, with […]

There are more and more people who, while they are not coeliacs, have a gluten intolerance. You may not have detected it yet because you have not had the proper tests, but you may be gradually damaging your body and causing health problems which you would rarely associate with gluten. Gluten is present in some […]

Celery is a vegetable that is very beneficial for your health, with significant medicinal and nutritional properties. It has a large proportion of water (95%) and provides very few calories, thus resulting ideal for diets, although it has many benefits for your health that you might not have been aware of. It has a crunchy […]

Whether it is due to boredom, anxiety or hunger, if you do not have a great deal of willpower, you end up snacking between meals and usually it is not the healthiest of foods. It is important to eat 5 meals a day so you do not feel anxiety leading up to the main meals. […]

Writing, setting your imagination free or recounting experiences and stories, is not only something for journalists and writers. You just need a sheet of paper, a pencil and your mind to feel the benefits that expressive writing has on your health. Just like increasingly more people use coloring-in books to relieve stress, many adults keep […]

Cocoa has so many benefits for our body that we just had to tell you them. Although we warn you that simply writing this post has made us want to go out and get some chocolate right away, so we are not responsible for the diets that we may be breaking… 😛 Cardiovascular benefits The […]

There is no doubt that music directly influences our state of mind, but its effects go well beyond mere psychological impact. We can define music therapy as a therapy that employs music with the aim of benefiting our health through improvements in different personal areas such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive. Music therapy is […]

Technology is so prominent in the day-to-day life of our society, that new illnesses related to the use of smartphones, tablets and the internet, etc., have appeared. Musculoskeletal ailments, dizziness, insomnia, headaches and back pain are some of the symptoms deriving from technology-related illnesses, a term used to indicate the effects generated by technology. And […]

In our modern times, a very high percentage of adults -both men and women- suffer from pain and discomfort in their legs, although it is more common among women, due to hormonal problems caused by menstruation, menopause and other factors. Lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, obesity, hereditary factors and periods of hormonal changes […]

Digestive problems are very frequent in our society due to a slew of factors, including our diets and nervous system disorders. The modern lifestyle and personal habits lead us to eat quickly and to eat a higher number of fatty foods that simply do not help us digest our food well. At other times, people […]

Or at least if you do it too, you’ll be a bit smarter. We all know the numerous benefits of exercising: it reduces stress, depression, anger and frustration levels… In fact, increasingly more people do some type of sport to forget about their day-to-day problems and their jobs or seek relief when they are fed […]

Doctors’ prescriptions should be for treatments like Shirin-Yoku, a Japanese technique that consists of letting nature pervade our five senses. Yes, something as simple as walking in a forest can be the best medicine for many of our woes. The thing is, with karoshi on the rise in Japan (death from overworking), more and more […]

The lovely tan that the sun gives us is highly desired by almost everybody, but beware, if we are not protected the sun can inflict a lot of damage. El Naturalista wants to help you to get ready for the sun in 3 very simple steps: 1st. PREPARE YOUR SKIN FOR THE SUN The first […]

Springtime started on Monday and, along with the good weather, sun and increasingly longer days, asthenia is also on its way. Although some people believe asthenia is a disease, doctors ensure us that this is not so, and instead is simply the way our bodies adapt to the change of season and more daylight and […]

You’re working and suddenly you feel awfully sleepy, but you mustn’t sleep, you need to stay alert and perform. The solution? You have a coffee. Great, problem solved. But, did you know that coffee actually has the opposite effect on some people? A study by the University of Columbia has revealed that neither coffee nor […]

There’s no real middle ground when it comes to breakfast. You either love it and eat more than you do at lunch, or you’re good for the day with just a cup of coffee. But one thing is clear- when they say it’s the most important meal of the day, they’re right. And even if […]

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It seems as though we spend the entire year gearing ourselves up so that when Christmas arrives we can eat whatever we want. And then we stuff ourselves at feasts, eat Christmas sweets, drink alcohol… And everything we had achieved, is wasted. In addition, the cold temperatures and shorter days make us become more sedentary […]

If you’ve left it too late and you still don’t know what to cook for Christmas, we’ve got two ideas for you that are both healthy and tasty. After all, just because it’s the festive season, doesn’t mean we have to overeat and gorge on sweets. The most important thing is: Include fruit and vegetables […]

Ah yes, the famous grey. But no, we’re not talking about just that. Like our skin, our hair ages over time. Dyes, hormonal changes, stress, chemicals, exposure to the sun, hairdryers, straighteners… All of these factors, after 40, make our hair weaker and lose its elasticity and shine. This is why we always recommend using […]

La uva es una de las frutas por excelencia cuando empieza el frío y sobre todo cuando empieza la época de las fiestas navideñas. En nuestro país, se ha convertido en la fruta por excelencia, ya que es la protagonista de la noche más esperada del año. Pero hablamos de una fruta con un sabor […]

Yoga, as well as pilates, is one of the disciplines that is currently extremely popular and has great benefits for both our bodies and our minds. The first thing we should know is that yoga and pilates are not the same, so we will leave a discussion of pilates for another day. Practicing yoga is […]

Skin stains are changes in pigmentation and can be due to many different causes. They can present as moles, freckles or age stains and exposure to the sun may also make them worse. So today we’re bringing you three natural remedies to help you reduce or eliminate those skin stains that aesthetically can be somewhat […]

A good night’s sleep is the most important thing so that we wake up with energy and have a productive day in all areas. Moreover, it helps us feel better, makes us look better and is absolutely necessary for leading a healthy life and regulating our metabolisms. But not everyone sleeps well or has the […]

For those who don’t know much about cassava or don’t cook it often, we can tell you that it is a tuber with many nutritional benefits, thanks to its high content of energy-giving carbohydrates. The many vitamins and minerals it contains also make it very healthy. As a food it resembles the potato, above all […]

We discuss toxins as if they were nothing, as if they were something normal that we really don’t have to worry much about… and it may seem like that. But the reality is that toxins, as the name itself indicates, are poisonous substances –toxic– produced by living cells or organisms. They can be small molecules, […]

La llegada del otoño es para muchos una época ideal para comenzar a hacer algo de deporte, ya que el tiempo, el paisaje y las temperaturas -a veces- acompañan a disfrutar del aire libre. Es un momento perfecto para practicar actividades al aire libre y en plena naturaleza si tenemos la oportunidad, ya que esta época […]

On the 29th, the time will change from 03:00am to 02:00am. We will sleep one more hour, but we will be more prone to suffering depression. Living beings follow a circadian rhythm that establishes in humans 8 hours of sleep and 16 of vigil in a full day. Our biological clock tells us when we […]

Now that Halloween is near and there will be pumpkins everywhere, we are going to talk about their benefits and properties, seeing that autumn is this vegetable’s season par excellence. We all know that it has a high fiber content and that it is very diuretic, so it is especially useful in slimming diets. Thanks […]

Ha vuelto el otoño y como cada año, emprendemos con nuevos proyectos, nuevos cursos, proyectos que se empiezan, aprender idiomas, apuntarse al gimnasio, ideas que se ordenan y una agenda llena de cosas que queremos hacer. Pero también hemos de pensar en lo que quiere y lo que necesita nuestro cuerpo para habituarse a estos […]

Dutch production company LifeHunters decided to conduct an experiment, in which a young man promised to eliminate sugar and alcohol from his diet for one month. Sacha Harland followed this strict diet for 30 days, talking about the changes and moods he experienced each day, and the end result, by way of a mini-documentary. To […]

Ahora frío y mañana calor. Y luego, otra vez frío. Y así llevamos unos meses en los que los cambios bruscos de temperatura son de los más normal. Y al final nuestras defensas y nuestro sistema inmunológico se resienten y es cuando llegan los resfriados y catarros típicos de estas épocas del año y que […]

El arándano rojo, también conocido como cranberry, es un arbusto pequeño que crece en toda Norteamérica y que tiene una larga historia de uso por las tribus de indios nativos americanos, que ya lo utilizaban como planta medicinal para el tratamiento de enfermedades urinarias y como fuente de vitamina C para combatir el escorbuto. Tanto el jugo […]

Sí, todavía estamos en verano, pero como ya hemos repetido en artículos anteriores, parece que la llegada de septiembre sea como un punto y a parte en nuestras vidas. Volvemos a la rutina. Parece que hayamos entrado ya en otoño, y aunque no sea así, estamos a las puertas de hacerlo y lo vamos notando […]

Llevamos ya varias semanas escribiendo a cerca de los beneficios de los cereales para nuestra salud y hemos destacado algunos que podemos incluir en una dieta sana, como son el Germen de Trigo o la Leticina de Soja. Hoy, queremos seguir hablando de otro de los cereales qué más se ha asentado en nuestra alimentación diaria, que hemos aprendido […]

El cabello, la piel y las uñas se hallan en constante renovación, la primavera y el otoño son tiempo de renovación y cambio para la mayoría de los seres vivos y el ser humano también se ve afectado. En esta época el cabello se cae a un ritmo más acelerado que el resto del año […]

Bueno, ahora que ya nos hemos dejado de tontería con la vuelta a la rutina, el adaptarnos a los cambios, volver al trabajo y todas esas excusas que casi siempre nos decimos, es momento de ponernos serios y cuidarnos de una forma natural. Llevar una alimentación sana, no comer entre horas, evitar los malos hábitos […]

It seems like nowadays, even in the remotest corner, there is too much noise. Traffic, screens, crowds… too many stimuli that tire our brain. And, when we arrive home, we impose the noise ourselves: music, series, television, etc. Silence has become a commodity that can only be accessed by privileged people. Maybe, especially in the […]

We women suffer pain in the lower abdomen during ovulation, during days with premenstrual syndrome, and during menstruation. This pain is caused by contractions like those in childbirth due to the changes happening in our bodies and hormonal imbalances. During these days, we may also get headaches, swelling, depression and feel apathetic or irritable. But […]

When we decide to start eating well, there are some foods that come to mind immediately: vegetables, light foods and drinks, vegetable snacks… But are they all equally healthy? And the big question: can we eat them any way we want? The most important thing to remember when we start watching our diets is that […]

Irritable bowel syndrome, as it is popularly known, is one of the most common and uncomfortable disorders, affecting between 10% and 20% of the population in developed countries. And, although there is no specific test for diagnosing it, symptoms generally include abdominal pain, gas and episodes of diarrhea and/or constipation. The worst thing about this […]

Drinking tea has become widespread in recent years, most notably in infusions, and even replacing coffee consumption in some cases. The reasons? Maybe because of trends, maybe because of all of their benefits. Specialists state that tea has clear antioxidant power, so it is recommended in sports medicine to prevent cancer and in anti-aging therapies. […]

Hot temperatures may leave us feeling too lazy to cook. We avoid hot dishes at all costs and end up making the same old salad as always. The key is to keep hydrated, avoid eating carbohydrates after midday and replace fried snacks with fruits amd nuts. Fortunately, there are many foods that are friends of […]

Many people suffer from anxiety today and we may sometimes confuse an anxiety attack for a panic attack. In reality, the latter are much more common than they seem and we should know how to identify them. The main difference is that panic attacks usually end once the situation has been overcome that caused it; […]

Everything that goes through our head has some impact or another in the body, and everything we feel affects what we think, and vice-versa. And, although it is impossible to control our emotions, it is important to do specific exercises that distance us from our emotions and keep our brain running well. There are many […]

Although there are choices in our lives that may seem fortuitous and straightforward, even the type of coffee we drink may pinpoint certain traits of our personality. This conclusion was reached by Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist who researches how what we eat influences who we are, and how if we change our attitude towards […]

With the summer, exposure to the sun, swimming pools and, sometimes, a poor diet, our skin suffers. Dehydration, peeling, redness… there may be many different reasons, but the remedy is always the same: pamper our skin so it doesn’t suffer. Today we’ll talk to you about the benefits aloe vera and calendula have for repairing […]

While true that we cannot leave all diseases in the hands of nature, there are certain medicines we can replace with natural products that will not further damage our bodies. Because nowadays it seems like we only go to the doctor and only worry about our health when we notice that something is not right. […]

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much we sleep, we are still exhausted. Tiredness takes over, and we lack concentration, lose our appetite, and only have the energy to stretch out on the couch. The truth of the matter is that many things detract from our ability to sleep, beyond just having a bad […]

No-one can escape from summer any longer. Either you have a swimming pool nearby or live on the ocean, or have the world’s best air conditioner, or you die trying to cool down. Temperatures are on the rise and our bodies are crying out for more hydration. Which is why we are going to suggest […]

Brewer’s yeast is a type of single-cell fungus that is used to produce beer. This foodstuff has a high content of proteins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium) and vitamins in the B group (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 B9 and B12). It also contains essential amino acids, indispensable for human life and necessary […]

La piel de un bebé es muy sensible y todavía más cuando llega el verano, el calor, el sol -mucho sol- y las altas temperaturas. Si nosotros ya nos sofocamos y llegamos a agobiarnos en algunas situaciones, a ellos les pasa lo mismo. Por eso debemos tener en cuenta que hay que evitar exponerlos al […]

La gran lucha para muchos cuando llega el verano. Enfrentarse al cansancio o experimentar fatiga en verano es una de las consecuencias de esta estación del año, sobre todo a causa de las altas temperaturas. Pero también son muchos otros factores los que influyen en la aparición de este cansancio estacional y muchas las medidas […]

Vale, a todos nos ocurre, con la ola de calor que estamos pasando el apetito se esfuma y cuando llega la hora de hacer la comida o sentarnos en la mesa no nos apetece nada. Además, en estos días lo que menos entra son comidas pesadas o muy calientes porque además, esto ayuda a que nuestro […]

Con la llegada definitiva del verano, también han llegado las olas de calor, las altas temperaturas y el sol abrasador. Un sol que proporciona muchos beneficios para nuestro cuerpo pero que también nos puede causar muchos otros efectos perjudiciales para nuestra piel y nuestro organismo, como acelerar el envejecimiento de la piel o diversos tipos […]

piernas verano

Con la llegada del calor, el sistema circulatorio se ve alterado y muchas personas sufren dolencias temporales o permanentes que se ven alteradas con los cambios de estación. Por eso debemos cuidar y aliviar estas afecciones. Como ya hemos dicho, existen enfermedades o dolencias que aparecen con mayor frecuencia o se agravan en determinadas épocas […]

The good weather is starting and we eagerly await summer so we can sunbathe and show off our body beautiful at the beach or at the pool. But with this also comes the rush to offload what we have been hiding under our long pants all winter. Whether it is because we work sitting down […]

One of the main causes of insomnia is poor eating habits. There are certain foods we should avoid if we want to sleep well, and others that can help us get to sleep. Carbohydrates or proteins? Both are recommended. The key is that they contain a substance called tryptophan, an amino acid that is the […]

Increasingly more people suffer from the Dory effect and at an increasingly earlier age. Careless oversights that occur at an increasingly greater frequency: one day it is your keys, another your cell phone, the next something that you had to do. And suddenly we find ourselves living surrounded by thousands of alarms or post-its reminding […]

The psychologist Kelly McGonigal has exceeded 10 million views on the well-known talk platform, TED, with the video “How to make stress your friend”. And in truth, we have always known that stress is harmful to our body in many ways, but we rarely find a long-lasting solution. In her talk, this psychologist tells us […]

Excess weight is common in a society such as our own where a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is prevalent (insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables, fast food, a fat-rich diet, lack of outdoor activities and too much time spent at the computer, etc.). The logical solution is to maintain a suitable diet and do […]


Ha llegado la primavera y como afirma el dicho, la sangre altera. Por eso hoy hablamos de la importancia de cuidar también nuestra sangre, cuál es su función y cómo afecta a nuestro organismo. Muchos podéis pensar que es una tontería porque evidentemente la sangre es indispensable para nuestra supervivencia, pero lo que muchos no […]


Cuando hablamos de llevar una alimentación saludable, pensamos en comidas y productos sanos, reducir nuestras cantidades de alimento y todo lo que viene detrás. Los copos de avena son cereales ricos en hidratos de carbono, con un alto contenido en fibra, rico en proteínas, grasas insaturadas y vitamina B. Unos cereales que nos sirven como complemento […]

Vuelve septiembre y vuelven los propósitos de cada año. Llevar una rutina, comer bien, apuntarnos al gym o hacer ejercicio son algunas de esas cosas que vamos dejando porque claro, tenemos poco tiempo, tenemos que hacer recados, es mucho dinero y alguna que otra excusa más con las que vamos dejando pasar los días y […]

Para muchas personas, comer es uno de los grandes placeres de la vida y también es la forma en la que proporcionamos a nuestro organismo los nutrientes necesarios para que todo funcione bien. Nos encanta probar todo tipo de alimentos, nuevas recetas, platos de todos los países, innovar y comer un poco de todo. Pero […]

Vivimos un momento en el que los vegetarianos y veganos se están haciendo escuchar más que nunca y esto es algo que nos encanta por muchas cosas. Cada persona tiene la libertad de decidir lo que quiere comer y lo que no, lo que defiende, sus ideas y el por qué de sus actos. Y […]

El limón es una de las frutas con más propiedades beneficiosas para nuestro organismo, se conocen desde hace siglos y se han aprovechado desde entonces, por eso hoy os vamos a hablar de una de las mejores formas de tomarlo cada día. Sus mayores beneficios son su fuerte poder antibacteriano, antiviral y los poderes de […]

Cranberry, como su propio nombre indica, es un nuevo producto natural hecho a base de arándanos rojos para el beneficio de las vías urinarias. Pero esto es lo que decimos así, rapidito. Por eso vamos a aprovechar el blog para contaros un poco más sobre el arándano rojo, un fruto con muchos otros beneficios, que […]

El deporte de moda. Eso dicen. Pero hace mucho tiempo que se lleva practicando y ahora se está extendiendo como la pólvora, lo que nos encanta ya que es un deporte que aporta muchos beneficios. Si eres de los que todavía no se ha animado o te lo estás pensando, vamos a darte 10 motivos […]

La vuelta a la rutina y al trabajo cambia muchos hábitos que durante el verano y las vacaciones ya casi habíamos olvidado. ¿Quién se acordaba de los tuppers? De esos “benditos” tuppers que muchos de nosotros nos llevamos cada día al trabajo, con la consecuente de tener que pensar cada noche qué vamos a preparar […]

El aceite de argán es un producto natural que se extrae de las semillas de un pequeño árbol conocido como argán o erguén que crece en la región suroeste de Marruecos, gracias a las características semidesérticas de su tierra, una zona cálida y árida. Estos árboles pueden vivir alrededor de un siglo y sus propiedades se remontas […]

  Ya ha llegado el sol, el buen tiempo y las horas de luz se alargan. Pero más de la mitad de la población sufrimos ese cansancio y apatía al comienzo de la primavera; la temida astenia primaveral, que se caracteriza por una sensación generalizada de cansancio, fatiga, debilidad física y psíquica, sobre todo en […]

Durante mucho tiempo se creyó que al dormir el cerebro se apagaba y entraba en un periodo de tiempo en el que no pasaba nada, como mucho soñar o tener pesadillas. Actualmente sabemos que dormir es fundamental para nuestra vida y nuestra salud, podríamos decir que casi tanto como alimentarse correctamente. Sin dormir, moriríamos en […]

Pues es verdad, no es fácil, pero hay formas de conseguir que esta etapa de la menopausia, con sus cambios y sus síntomas, sea más llevadera por la mujer adulta. Ya que es una etapa por la que al final todas las mujeres, llegada una cierta edad, debemos pasar y es un proceso más de […]

You bet it helps! This is not just a random statement. There are many scientific studies to show that having an animal as a companion can be beneficial in various ways. The first thing that might come to mind here is the company that a pet can offer us, but the benefits they bring go […]

El té verde es un verdadero regalo de la naturaleza que nos aporta muchos beneficios, por eso ha sido utilizado en la medicina tradicional a lo largo de la historia. Estudios recientes han demostrado que beber infusiones o tomar suplementos de té verde de forma diaria, es un complemento natural que ayuda a nuestro cuerpo […]

La semana pasada publicamos una entrada en el blog hablando de la quinoa (aquí) los beneficios y características de este vegetal que se está poniendo de moda dentro de la variedad de recetas sanas y ricas para llevar una alimentación sana y relacionada, en muchos casos, con la pérdida de peso. Pues hoy vamos a […]

Water is essential to the human body: it helps regulate our body temperature, keep the skin moisturized and supple, lubricate joints and organs, and have good digestion. We cannot let our bodies suffer from dehydration, although we should not overdo it either. We should be aware of the amounts and processes involved in drinking water […]

We have heard it said many times that walnuts bring a great number of benefits, but like with many foods, people say a lot of things and we end up not knowing what is true and what is not. So we are going to look at the properties and the benefits that walnuts provide us […]

Quién no ha oído o dicho alguna vez la frase de “Va a cambiar el tiempo, me duele tal o cual articulación…”. Pues sí, resulta que las articulaciones de nuestro cuerpo son muy sensibles a los cambios de tiempo y de una manera más aguda en los días de frío y los cambios bruscos de […]

Having good eating habits doesn’t only mean having a balanced diet; there are many other factors that influence our everyday well-being. The first and most important thing to be aware of is that through good nutrition, all of our body’s organs can function effectively. We also have more energy throughout the day, we physically look […]

Antioxidants are essential for maintaining good cellular health and keeping us young, since they insulate cells from the damages caused by free radicals and the passage of time. Which is why it is advisable to include certain vitamins and minerals in our diets. Vitamins are one of the most well-known antioxidants, specifically vitamin C, which […]

El estreñimiento no es una enfermedad, es un síntoma con gran variedad de causas. Una de las causas que pueden provocar el estreñimiento es el cambio de ritmo de vida, alimentación, las prisas o el estrés o los cambios de estación. Con el calor y la proximidad del verano, muchas personas tienen más trabajo, comen […]

Soy, originating from north and central China, has been and continues to be a millennia-old food of Eastern peoples. It is considered one of the five sacred seeds, along with rice, wheat, barley and millet. The nutritional value of soy-based products is due to the quantity and quality of its nutrients, which are assimilable and […]

After a hard day’s work, running from one place to the other, taking care the kids, etc. or simply because you need it and it’s good for your daily life, today we’re going to give you some relaxation techniques you can do at home that will help you sleep and rest a lot of better. […]

Yesterday was International Day of Happiness, and we thought this would be the perfect time to review the foods that help improve our state of mind. Being in a good mood actually makes absolutely everything in our body work better: it favors our capacity to think and to learn and our creativity, and stimulates optimism […]

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, common or stinging nettle is a plant that usually grows on the side of roads, in humid soil that is rich in organic waste. Stinging nettle is one of the best diuretics that nature can offer us. But its properties provide many other health benefits. This […]

Like kids going back to school, the Christmas holidays come to an end, the new year starts and our first resolution is always to recover our figures, lose that bit of extra weight we have put on, and sign up for the gym again. But all these resolutions are often nothing more than hot air, […]

How many times have we used this saying without understanding what it really involves. It is absolutely true that our limbs are the first to get cold, because our body self-regulates, ensuring that our vital organs always maintain an optimal temperature so they function well. We could even say that thanks to the fact that […]

These days, many people have joined the trend of making detox shakes. But do we really know why they are so good? This trend aims to clean the body, purifying it each day by consuming shakes and juices based both on vegetables and fruits. Although one of the main problems is the belief that these […]

The importance of caring for our joints goes beyond whether or not we play sports. Anybody can suffer from joint problems, which may arise from our jobs, age, sport, or genetics, so it is something that we should bear in mind. We therefore have some tips for you, so that you can protect your joints […]

La quinoa es uno de los alimentos que se está poniendo de moda desde hace un tiempo hasta ahora, pero seguramente muchos de vosotros todavía no lo conozcáis o no lo hayáis probado. Aunque estemos empezando a escucharlo ahora, es un alimento muy antiguo que ya era cocinado en Sudamérica hace más de 5.000 años. […]

Son muchas las personas que en temporadas muy señaladas, cambios de estación o situaciones personales, sufren irritaciones u otras afecciones en el cuero cabelludo, que en ocasiones llegan a desesperarnos por culpa del picor o la caspa. El cuero cabelludo, usualmente, está protegido por el cabello, pero muchas veces esta protección puede ser una desventaja […]

These long months of cold weather often lead us to eat heavier foods, with more consistent meals that help us gather energy and produce heat. But sometimes, this can cause our digestive system to be overworked, which can be a nuisance when we have little time to eat and get back to work as quickly […]

La llegada del otoño supone un esfuerzo por parte de nuestro organismo para adaptarse a la nueva estación. El número de horas dedicadas a actividades en espacios cerrados aumenta considerablemente y por tanto el número de horas con luz artificial también. Así como la incidencia de gripes, resfriados, alergias y cualquier tipo de enfermedad típica […]

Aunque el tiempo no acompaña mucho con el cambio de estación, los cambios bruscos de temperatura, las lluvias repentinas y los desconcertantes días de calor -además de la vuelta al trabajo después de un buen verano- hacen que nuestro sistema inmunológico y nuestro cuerpo necesiten más fuerzas que nunca para no sentirnos bajos de defensas o […]

La llegada del otoño y el invierno es sinónimo de crisis capilar para muchas personas, y lo sabemos porque a nosotros también nos pasa. Muchas personas se preocupan e incluso se asustan en cuanto ven que en el desagüe de la ducha o en el cepillo del cabello quedan más pelos de los que debería haber. Lo primero […]

Este domingo 19 de Octubre, como cada año, se celebra el Día internacional contra el Cáncer de mama. Un día en el que se aprovecha para recordar a la gente que cada vez son más mujeres -y también hombres- quienes sufren esta enfermedad y que cada día luchan por recuperarse. Se trata de una enfermedad […]

La soja el es vegetal con mayor contenido de proteínas de calidad y durante milenios ha sido la principal fuente proteica de los habitantes de los países asiáticos, de donde es originaria. Y es del aceite de soja de donde se extrae la lecitina, un complejo puro y natural que aumenta la digestibilidad y la absorción […]

Ha llegado el otoño y con él los cambios bruscos de temperatura, las lluvias repentinas, pies mojados y las idas y venidas entre la manga corta y la larga. Una locura para nuestro armario pero también para nuestro sistema inmunológico, que al final se acaba resintiendo. Y es que el otoño es la estación del […]

El aceite esencial de árbol de te es uno de los aceites esenciales más reconocidos y utilizados en el mundo por sus efectos beneficiosos para la salud de las personas y recomendado por la medicina tradicional. Se trata de una solución que se obtiene de las hojas de árbol de té que, para que no […]

fundación osasuna el naturalista

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A todos nos cuesta aceptar que se acaba el verano. Es el momento de cambiar la sombrilla por el paraguas y las camisetas por el chubasquero. Las hojas de los árboles empiezan a desvanecerse y todo en general adopta otro color. La llegada del otoño no sólo influye en el cambio de vestuario y de […]


Calor, helados, terrazas, chiringuitos… Efectivamente, ya estamos en verano, y algunos ya están disfrutando de sus vacaciones. Otros, en cambio, todavía están trabajando y esperando fervientemente a que llegue el día para empezar a hacerlas. En nuestro país o en el extranjero. En la playa o en la montaña… Tanto da cuál sea nuestra destinación, […]

La sandía es una de las mejores frutas de verano para refrescarnos e hidratarnos, pero además de estar riquísima, tiene muchas más propiedades beneficiosas para nuestro cuerpo y nuestro organismo. En este post os vamos a dar unas cuantas razones para decirle sí a la sandía y prometerle amor eterno, por lo menos para este […]

chica tomando el sol

  Hace unos días hablábamos sobre consejos para tomar el sol de forma correcta, y a raíz de ese artículo algunos de vosotros nos habéis escrito con cuestiones relativas a cuáles son las mejores horas para tomar el sol. Bien, vamos a tratar de ayudaros un poco con algunas recomendaciones. En primer lugar debemos remarcar […]

¿Lo conoces? Se trata de uno de nuestros productos naturales que combina las plantas tradicionales más usadas para el alivio de estados de nerviosismo y ansiedad. Un producto muy demandado para tratar este tipo de dolencias y estados.  Las características de Tranquinatur hacen que este producto natural se utilice en distintos tipos de síntomas y […]


A todos nos gustan las infusiones y parece que cada vez se están poniendo más de moda. Sus efectos beneficiosos son muchos y no solo hay que centrarse en los que  nos indican que nos ayudan a perder peso. Ya desde muy antiguo han sido utilizadas para paliar mil y una dolencias: las hay relajantes, […]

  Todos sabemos que dormir bien es la clave para afrontar un día con energía y bien animados. Y es que un mal sueño puede llevarnos de cabeza todo el día, haciendo que nuestro rendimiento baje mucho. Hoy  en día, llevamos un ritmo de vida que ha hecho que nos preocupemos menos de nuestro descanso, […]

pareja corriendo en el momnte

Nos hemos dado cuenta que son muchas las personas que este año se han propuesto ponerse a correr, participar en una carrera, hacer una media maratón o incluso una maratón -esos ya están en otro nivel-. Y no vamos a negar que es una buenísima idea, ya que son muchos los beneficios que aporta este […]

bocacillo rodeado de una cinta de medir

Todos hemos pasado alguna vez por ahí: de hoy no pasa, lorza querida, adiós, fue bonito mientras duró pero ha llegado tu hora: me pongo a dieta. Y pillas un libro con la última dieta milagro o pruebas unas pastillas mágicas anunciadas en televisión o bien dedicas una semana a tomar solo una determinada fruta […]

una pareja se besa

En estas fechas tan señaladas, llegan los reencuentros, los abrazos y los besos. Sobre todo los besos. Y es que, ¿a quién no le gusta recibir un buen beso? Besos con ternura, besos apasionados, besos de amor, inesperados, desconocidos y besos conocidos. Besos de todo tipo que cambian de aspecto dependiendo de quién sea la […]


Año tras año no paramos de escuchar a nuestros mayores decir que los frutos secos son buenos para una cosa o para otra. Al final son buenos para todo. Y tenemos que decir que no les falta razón. Los frutos secos son alimentos ricos en proteínas, fibra, minerales, vitaminas y con un elevado aporte de […]

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pavo de navidad

We bet with all the copious meals these days, you’re having a hard time with digestion. Bloating, heaviness, stomach aches, gas, heartburn… Bad eating habits and changes in meal routines can produce some or all of these symptoms and can be a real inconvenience. If they drag on, it’s best to visit your doctor, but […]

Cuando llega el invierno cambiamos la ropa del armario y sustituimos prendas ligeras por otras más acordes con las bajas temperaturas, igual podemos hacer con nuestra alimentación. Los productos de temporada y un poco de ejercicio diario nos ayudará a mantenernos en nuestro peso. Y teniendo en cuenta que nuestro cuerpo tiene unos requerimientos, depende […]

Las bajas temperaturas del invierno pueden agravar los síntomas de las enfermedades reumáticas y hacer sus síntomas más frecuentes y molestos. Si hay alguien que verdaderamente sufre con las bajas temperaturas características de la época invernal, son quienes padecen enfermedades reumáticas. Aunque hay que aclarar que las bajas temperaturas no son el origen de estas […]

Acid reflux is a common health condition which causes heartburn or discomfort that can move up from the stomach into the esophagus and even up to the throat. It is commonly believed that this condition is caused by an excess of acid in the stomach, and it is usually treated with medication that blocks the […]

Breast cancer currently affects one million women in the world and even, recently, some men. It is influenced by many factors, from genetics to lifestyle to environmental causes. Therefore, it is practically impossible to prevent it, and we need to pay attention to any possible symptoms. It has been proven that the risk of suffering […]

This is important, because otherwise the consequences could be serious. If you are one of those nocturnal beings that thinks that with 5 hours of sleep per night you will be fine, stop for a moment. You might be able to do it, but it is not healthy. Work that drags on until the early […]

Summer months are full of myths we’ve always heard and -even though we don’t know where they come from-they seem to be difficult for us to let go of. Who are we to tell a parent otherwise, who wants to ensure their child doesn’t get cramps if he goes into the water within an hour […]

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These long months of cold weather often lead us to eat heavier foods, with more consistent meals that help us gather energy and produce heat. But sometimes, this can cause our digestive system to be overworked, which can be a nuisance when we have little time to eat and get back to work as quickly […]

Volvemos con una entrevista para conocer más opiniones a cerca del uso de la fitoterapia, la demanda y el papel del farmacéutico en la venta y consumo de los productos de fitoterapia. Esta vez entrevistamos a Laura María García Muela, dueña y encargada de la farmacia que lleva su mismo nombre y que se encuentra […]

Regresa de las vacaciones unos días antes de la incorporación al trabajo o estudio. Es recomendable tomarse al menos, un par de días para organizarse y mentalizarse. Adelántate a la rutina. Cambia la rutina de horarios, alimentación y actividad antes de regresar al trabajo para adaptarte poco a poco. Modera el consumo de alcohol y […]

A veces resulta complicado con el ritmo de vida que llevamos actualmente que el estrés, las preocupaciones, la inseguridad laboral, los niveles de ruido y otra serie de factores no afecten al ciclo normal del sueño.Nuestro sueño se divide en ciclos de aproximadamente 90 minutos que se repiten durante las ocho horas recomendables que pasamos […]

Nuestro sistema circulatorio dispone de un sistema debombeo importantísimo: El corazón.El corazón permite que la sangre transporte los nutrientes y el oxígeno necesario a todo el cuerpo para su funcionamiento. El sistema venoso, es el sistema circulatorio que se encarga de retornar la sangre al corazón, donde las venas de las extremidades inferiores tienen fundamental […]

Después del calor del verano, llega el Otoño. O no. Porque viendo como está últimamente el tiempo, ya no sabes ni en qué época del año te encuentras. Hoy frío y mañana calor. Unas temperaturas que nos llevan a todos de cabeza. El otoño es la estación de tránsito entre el verano y el invierno. […]

La planta del té, Camellia Sinensis, empezó a utilizarse alrededor del año 2.737 a.C en China, utilizaban las hojas de la planta del té para conferir buen sabor al agua hervida. Desde ahí, el consumo del té fue creciendo inicialmente como un tónico medicinal hasta convertirse en una bebida mística utilizada en rituales y costumbres […]

Nuestro organismo es capaz de eliminar sus principios activos (generalmente aceites esenciales) a través de los alveolos pulmonares, produciéndose la acción antiséptica sobre las vías respiratorias. Aunque es un síntoma muy molesto, la tos se considera un mecanismo de defensa para mantener despejada la garganta y las vías respiratorias ayudando al cuerpo a curarse o […]

La mayoría de las veces tendemos a pensar en cremas a la hora de adquirir cosméticos. Pero… ¿Y los aceites esenciales?  Las cremas las fabricamos mediante excipientes, mientras que los aceites están en la naturaleza, salen de los árboles y de las plantas. Además, los aceites 100% naturales son activos en su totalidad, mientras que […]

Todos hemos oído hablar del colesterol, una sustancia grasa natural presente en todas las células del organismo. Tendemos siempre a relacionarlo con problemas de salud, pero debemos saber que el colesterol es necesario. Es fundamental para administrar los niveles de calcio en el organismo y evitar problemas como la osteoporosis, también protege la piel de […]

mujer tumbada en la cama descansando

El hecho principal por el que las mujeres necesitamos más hierro que los hombres es que cada mes perdemos un promedio de 15 a 20 miligramos de hierro a causa de la menstruación. Y esto se puede dar a partir de los 12 años. Y es que las mujeres que se encuentran en esta etapa […]