Saturday April 6th, 2024

Ginger, a very healthy tuber

Ginger is a tuber with infinite health benefits that originates in the East and is very popular in traditional Chinese medicine. However, it is not only used in medicine, and is a great ally in the kitchen. Its unique taste is not to everyone’s liking, as it has a very particular blend of sweet, refreshing and spicy.

But if you do like it, the benefits it provides are many, making it highly recommendable for good health: it is rich in essential oils, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, aluminum and chromium), vitamins (B and C), antioxidants and amino acids.

The main use for which it is best known is for sore throats and voice loss, but this wonderful plant can be used to treat all kinds of malaises, illnesses and even aids in weight loss. Some of its properties are:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant, prevents premature aging
• Fights respiratory diseases, flus and common colds
• Helps digestive system illnesses, gastritis and bad breath
• Good for kidney stones
• Alleviates menstrual pain
• Suitable for fighting migraines
• Prevents nausea and vomiting, helping pregnant women and carsickness
• Prevents colon cancer
• Antidepressant, helping relief stress
• Increases libido, as it is an aphrodisiac
• Reduces the pain of rheumatoid arthritis
• Provides heat in wintertime due to its spiciness
• Prevents heart diseases and improves the circulation
• Prevents Alzheimer’s
• Has anti-diabetic properties
• Improves our memory

It is available in many different forms: grated raw root, powder, candies, crystallized, in herbal teas, and even as vegetable oil for massages. And we can use it to spice up drinks and fresh fruit juices, to add a special nuance to pastries and for cooking different dishes.

We may have to get used to the way this food tastes… : P