The psychologist Kelly McGonigal has exceeded 10 million views on the well-known talk platform, TED, with the video “How to make stress your friend”. And in truth, we have always known that stress is harmful to our body in many ways, but we rarely find a long-lasting solution. In her talk, this psychologist tells us […]

infusión de manzanilla

Esta semana toca otra de las infusiones naturales más conocidas por todo el mundo, la manzanilla. También denominada Camomila, es una planta perenne de origen Europeo, cuyos tallos y flores secas se utilizan como infusión, aromática y ligeramente amarga. Sus tallos son erectos, con pequeñas flores blancas que recuerdan a la margarita. Ya en la […]

flor valeriana

Cuando nos da por soñar no hay límites y eso nos encanta. Nos encanta soñar despiertos pero también dormidos, que es lo más natural. Y para eso debemos tener un buen descanso. La valeriana es una planta con multitud de propiedades y beneficios naturales que actúa como sedante, relajando el sistema nervioso y el cerebro, […]

Find a peaceful spot, hit play, keep reading and let the music do the rest. You are listening to the most relaxing song ever created. The piece was composed by the British trio Marconi Union, three men from Manchester with an amazing talent at developing musical atmospheres with synthesizers. The song is called Weightless, and […]

We are so used to people telling us that we should avoid bad times that we sometimes forgot to cry. And it is actually good, very good, to cry. Our body produces more than 100 liters of tears a year, which has numerous benefits for human beings. It releases toxins Crying cleans our body, with […]

Writing, setting your imagination free or recounting experiences and stories, is not only something for journalists and writers. You just need a sheet of paper, a pencil and your mind to feel the benefits that expressive writing has on your health. Just like increasingly more people use coloring-in books to relieve stress, many adults keep […]

There is no doubt that music directly influences our state of mind, but its effects go well beyond mere psychological impact. We can define music therapy as a therapy that employs music with the aim of benefiting our health through improvements in different personal areas such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive. Music therapy is […]

Doctors’ prescriptions should be for treatments like Shirin-Yoku, a Japanese technique that consists of letting nature pervade our five senses. Yes, something as simple as walking in a forest can be the best medicine for many of our woes. The thing is, with karoshi on the rise in Japan (death from overworking), more and more […]

Many people suffer from anxiety today and we may sometimes confuse an anxiety attack for a panic attack. In reality, the latter are much more common than they seem and we should know how to identify them. The main difference is that panic attacks usually end once the situation has been overcome that caused it; […]

El estrés. El enemigo invisible

Piensa. Sales de casa por la mañana para ir a trabajar y coges el metro, el tren o el autobús. Te fijas en la gente que te rodea y entonces lo ves. Lo notas. El estrés. En sus caras, en sus gestos, en sus comentarios. El estrés. Consultan impacientes la hora en su reloj, envían […]