La uva es una de las frutas por excelencia cuando empieza el frío y sobre todo cuando empieza la época de las fiestas navideñas. En nuestro país, se ha convertido en la fruta por excelencia, ya que es la protagonista de la noche más esperada del año. Pero hablamos de una fruta con un sabor […]

Yoga, as well as pilates, is one of the disciplines that is currently extremely popular and has great benefits for both our bodies and our minds. The first thing we should know is that yoga and pilates are not the same, so we will leave a discussion of pilates for another day. Practicing yoga is […]

Skin stains are changes in pigmentation and can be due to many different causes. They can present as moles, freckles or age stains and exposure to the sun may also make them worse. So today we’re bringing you three natural remedies to help you reduce or eliminate those skin stains that aesthetically can be somewhat […]

A good night’s sleep is the most important thing so that we wake up with energy and have a productive day in all areas. Moreover, it helps us feel better, makes us look better and is absolutely necessary for leading a healthy life and regulating our metabolisms. But not everyone sleeps well or has the […]

For those who don’t know much about cassava or don’t cook it often, we can tell you that it is a tuber with many nutritional benefits, thanks to its high content of energy-giving carbohydrates. The many vitamins and minerals it contains also make it very healthy. As a food it resembles the potato, above all […]

We discuss toxins as if they were nothing, as if they were something normal that we really don’t have to worry much about… and it may seem like that. But the reality is that toxins, as the name itself indicates, are poisonous substances –toxic– produced by living cells or organisms. They can be small molecules, […]

La llegada del otoño es para muchos una época ideal para comenzar a hacer algo de deporte, ya que el tiempo, el paisaje y las temperaturas -a veces- acompañan a disfrutar del aire libre. Es un momento perfecto para practicar actividades al aire libre y en plena naturaleza si tenemos la oportunidad, ya que esta época […]