Brewer’s yeast is a type of single-cell fungus that is used to produce beer. This foodstuff has a high content of proteins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium) and vitamins in the B group (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 B9 and B12). It also contains essential amino acids, indispensable for human life and necessary […]

The good weather is starting and we eagerly await summer so we can sunbathe and show off our body beautiful at the beach or at the pool. But with this also comes the rush to offload what we have been hiding under our long pants all winter. Whether it is because we work sitting down […]

El aceite de argán es un producto natural que se extrae de las semillas de un pequeño árbol conocido como argán o erguén que crece en la región suroeste de Marruecos, gracias a las características semidesérticas de su tierra, una zona cálida y árida. Estos árboles pueden vivir alrededor de un siglo y sus propiedades se remontas […]

Increasingly more people suffer from the Dory effect and at an increasingly earlier age. Careless oversights that occur at an increasingly greater frequency: one day it is your keys, another your cell phone, the next something that you had to do. And suddenly we find ourselves living surrounded by thousands of alarms or post-its reminding […]

The psychologist Kelly McGonigal has exceeded 10 million views on the well-known talk platform, TED, with the video “How to make stress your friend”. And in truth, we have always known that stress is harmful to our body in many ways, but we rarely find a long-lasting solution. In her talk, this psychologist tells us […]

Ya ha llegado el sol, el buen tiempo y las horas de luz se alargan. Pero más de la mitad de la población sufrimos ese cansancio y apatía al comienzo de la primavera; la temida astenia primaveral, que se caracteriza por una sensación generalizada de cansancio, fatiga, debilidad física y psíquica, sobre todo en las […]

Excess weight is common in a society such as our own where a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is prevalent (insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables, fast food, a fat-rich diet, lack of outdoor activities and too much time spent at the computer, etc.). The logical solution is to maintain a suitable diet and do […]