When we decide to start eating well, there are some foods that come to mind immediately: vegetables, light foods and drinks, vegetable snacks… But are they all equally healthy? And the big question: can we eat them any way we want?

The most important thing to remember when we start watching our diets is that the very best foods will be those that reach our plates just like they were created by nature. Seems obvious, right?
But the reality nowadays is that many tend to think that any low-calorie food is healthy, when the biggest danger is actually products that have been processed or manufactured.

In an effort to keep a healthy diet, we often fill ourselves with other substances that harm our bodies.

We’ll tell you about some of these dangers:

Light drinks

Light versions of soft drinks are full of artificial sweeteners. Although this does mean that we are consuming less sugar, we increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes that goes hand-in-hand with these substitutes.

Shakes and juices

They will of course be healthier if we make them at home, but we shouldn’t drink too many, as the biggest problem with these drinks (especially bottled ones) is the amount of sugar they contain.
This is why we recommend swapping these drinks for solid foods.

Salad dressings

All the products we see in supermarkets for topping our salads contain additives and preservatives that are not good at all for the health.
Vinaigrettes, yogurt, cheese and mayonnaise dressings…

Vegetable snacks

Of course, vegetables lose all their healthy properties the minute oil comes on the scene. Especially if we fry them, due to the addition of salt and fats. The best thing is to eat them boiled or raw and, if not, with the least amount of oil possible.
So, snacks presented as an alternative to French fries or potato chips may be a little healthier, but they do not give us the benefits of vegetables.

Cereal bars

This is the typical product we have all turned to at times when we don’t want to snack between meals. But it turns out that they contain many free sugars and a high energy level, both of which contribute to weight gain.

So be careful about what you eat, what you buy and what you cook. The cure can’t be worse than the disease ­čśë