Tuesday October 27th, 2020

Health benefits of yoga

Yoga, as well as pilates, is one of the disciplines that is currently extremely popular and has great benefits for both our bodies and our minds. The first thing we should know is that yoga and pilates are not the same, so we will leave a discussion of pilates for another day.

Practicing yoga is not a new trend for exercising and caring for our bodies. Yoga is an ancestral physical and mental discipline that originated in India and is associated with the practice of meditation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

In summary, the benefits of practicing yoga extend from the physical plane to mental and emotional areas.

  1. Physical fitness all year-round: Being healthy is not only about being in good physical condition, but also about having mental and emotional balance, which is what is achieved by yoga, through its methods, techniques and postures.
  2. Stress relief: Daily practice -or at least a couple days a week- can be a natural method for relieving the stress that accumulates throughout the day.
  3. Weight loss: well, yes, this is another benefit of yoga, as some of the different yoga techniques help us lose weight in a balanced and healthy way.
  4. Inner peace: Many a time, especially when we are stressed or overworked, we would love to be able to escape and even flee to a calm and peaceful place. But all of us usually forget that true peace comes from within. That is why yoga is a type of meditation that helps us experience that wonderful calm feeling and calm our minds.
  5. Improve relationships: With people, your partner, parents, friends, coworkers… and the fact is that a happy mind, that is relaxed and at peace, can help us confront our daily interactions with the people surrounding us in a more sensitive and sensible way.
  6. Increase energy: After an exhausting day, a few minutes of meditation that help us disconnect from the stress and business of the day will help us recharge our batteries and increase our vital energy.
  7. Improve flexibility and posture: Including yoga in our lives as another way to get exercise will make our bodies stronger, more flexible and healthier. That is because this discipline involves stretching, toning and strengthening all our muscles.

This is in addition to the many other benefits that yoga personally provides to every individual, depending on our past experience and whatever we may be going through at the time, when we decide to practice this discipline and include it in our daily lives.