Excess weight is common in a society such as our own where a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle is prevalent (insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables, fast food, a fat-rich diet, lack of outdoor activities and too much time spent at the computer, etc.). The logical solution is to maintain a suitable diet and do […]

Después de los excesos navideños, las comilonas, los turrones, el mazapán y los brindis, llega enero y con él, los propósitos y objetivos que nos marcamos cada nuevo año. Y es cierto que después de descuidar nuestros límites estos días (es normal) nos pongamos algunos objetivos a corto plazo, como eliminar los excesos o empezar […]

plato combinado con carne y embutido

“Hay que cuidar el colesterol…” “¡No comas de esto, que te sube el colesterol!” ¿Quién no ha escuchado una frase similar alguna vez en su vida? Y es que poca broma con el colesterol ya que, junto al tabaco, representa la causa principal de la mayoría de infartos y enfermedades cardiovasculares. Asimismo, como nos cuenta […]

A kilo here, another one there, and suddenly your clothes don’t fit and jokes about your fat stomach are starting to bother you. Getting older goes with gaining weight, even when you are sticking to a healthy diet. A sedentary lifestyle, social factors, hormonal imbalance, medication and genetic factors can all play a part. But […]

More than one celebrity has signed up for this famous diet that they assure has numerous benefits. So we’ve decided to delve into its methodology a bit deeper and tell you what we will be up against if we decide to do this diet. First things first, the foundation of what could be called a […]

Today we are going to talk about kale, a plant with green leaves that has a high vitamin and mineral content, that is causing a sensation. It is also known as curly cabbage or borecole, from the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage family. This vegetable cleans the liver and the blood, and it is said that […]

When the sun starts to appear, so do those extra kilos we want to get rid of to be in good shape for the summer. And we make the biggest mistake we can fall for: miracle diets and too much exercise. Weight loss is a process that, depending on each person’s constitution, takes time. Not […]

There are more and more people who, while they are not coeliacs, have a gluten intolerance. You may not have detected it yet because you have not had the proper tests, but you may be gradually damaging your body and causing health problems which you would rarely associate with gluten. Gluten is present in some […]

Bueno, ahora que ya nos hemos dejado de tontería con la vuelta a la rutina, el adaptarnos a los cambios, volver al trabajo y todas esas excusas que casi siempre nos decimos, es momento de ponernos serios y cuidarnos de una forma natural. Llevar una alimentación sana, no comer entre horas, evitar los malos hábitos […]

Irritable bowel syndrome, as it is popularly known, is one of the most common and uncomfortable disorders, affecting between 10% and 20% of the population in developed countries. And, although there is no specific test for diagnosing it, symptoms generally include abdominal pain, gas and episodes of diarrhea and/or constipation. The worst thing about this […]