Thursday August 5th, 2021

All the secrets of the Paleo Diet

More than one celebrity has signed up for this famous diet that they assure has numerous benefits. So we’ve decided to delve into its methodology a bit deeper and tell you what we will be up against if we decide to do this diet.

First things first, the foundation of what could be called a lifestyle choice in this diet is based on unprocessed foods. Namely, foods like meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits…

All normal up to this point, eating healthily and not filling yourself up with processed foods to avoid problems with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Moreover, the majority of refined products are absorbed quickly by the body, raising insulin levels and making us feel hungry again within a short period of time.

But the Paleo Diet also recommends avoiding dairy, legumes and grains, and here is where it starts to become controversial.

Why eliminate them?
The loyalest of followers of this diet mention their antinutrients and, with regard to dairy, the difficulty that adults have with assimilating them.
However, for those who are a little less strict, a moderate intake of dairy (always whole) is permitted, as well as legumes and grains like quinoa and oat, provided that they don’t cause digestive imbalances.

It is not so much about avoiding carbohydrates, since they are found in vegetables and fruits; but rather about having a healthy diet that lets our body carry out all its processes right. This means eating food that doesn’t hinder digestion.

We know what you’re thinking now: you don’t have time to change your eating habits.
Well, we don’t accept that reason, because the new book by Edurne Ubani, Paleo Sin Excusas (Paleo without Excuses), has absolutely loads of recipes, information, nutritional plans and weekly meals, so that nobody has an excuse anymore.

In the end though, starting to eat better is up to each of us… Are you ready?