Saturday July 3rd, 2021

Miracle diets and their dangers

When the sun starts to appear, so do those extra kilos we want to get rid of to be in good shape for the summer. And we make the biggest mistake we can fall for: miracle diets and too much exercise.

Weight loss is a process that, depending on each person’s constitution, takes time. Not all bodies respond the same to diets, and not all diets are suitable for all body types.

We live in a society of instant results, and any process that takes more time than we are used to makes us despair. This is making our lifestyles so accelerated than our body does not know how to respond. We ask for more than we can give.

So, when we try to do a year’s worth of sports in one month, or a lifelong dietary strategy in two weeks, our bodies suffer serious consequences of which we are not aware.

The most important thing is that diets, more than a way to become thinner, are a way to learn how to maintain a balanced healthy diet. And the experiments called “miracle diets” are based on methods that damage the health, altering the regular diet.

The most popular ones now are:

Diet 5:2
This method assures you that if you follow it, you can lose up to 6 kilos in a month.
How? By eating everything you want five days of the week, and fasting the other two days, eating only foods rich in proteins and fiber.
This is dangerous for the health because obviously, a person who is obese does not have the same idea of “eating whatever you want” as a person who does not have this problem. Moreover, the reduction of calories can cause low blood pressure or low blood sugar, and excess proteins can cause kidney problems because you are forcing them to work twice as hard.

Diet 4:3
This is a variation of the first one, which guarantees that you can lose up to six kilos in a month, but without losing any muscle. Instead of five days of freedom, there are four, and three of fasting. It has the same dangers as the first as well, but increased, as you eat even more proteins.

Points diet
One of the classics: lose weight without gaining it back later, without feeling hungry and eating everything you want.
The idea is to draw up a point system for each person according to their physical characteristics, which will determine the foods they can eat. Moreover, each person has some extra points for special occasions, such as meals with friends, holidays, etc.
The main problem with this diet is that those who follow it do not use their points for a balanced diet, but instead eat too much of the foods they like, without paying attention to the nutrients their bodies need. And this can cause everything from constipation or diarrhea, to fatty liver, hypoglycemia, vitamin and mineral deficits with or without symptoms, and many more woes.

Moreover, the majority of these diets has what is known as rebound. That is, once you finish them, the body gains back the lost weight very quickly.

Therefore, what is most recommended is to have a long-term exercise routine and not overdo it. Also, you should go to a specialist who can analyze your specific case in depth and, if you need it, help you to lose weight by following a balanced and healthy diet.

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Please don’t play with your health just because you want that perfect body for a few months. Love yourself a little more!