Now that Halloween is near and there will be pumpkins everywhere, we are going to talk about their benefits and properties, seeing that autumn is this vegetable’s season par excellence. We all know that it has a high fiber content and that it is very diuretic, so it is especially useful in slimming diets. Thanks […]

Drinking tea has become widespread in recent years, most notably in infusions, and even replacing coffee consumption in some cases. The reasons? Maybe because of trends, maybe because of all of their benefits. Specialists state that tea has clear antioxidant power, so it is recommended in sports medicine to prevent cancer and in anti-aging therapies. […]

Ya hemos nombrado alguna vez el propóleo, pero vamos a hablaros un poco más a fondo de sus propiedades y beneficios y cuáles son sus usos más comunes. Para aquellos que no lo sepáis, el propóleo es una sustancia resinosa que  las abejas extraen de las yemas y la corteza de los árboles y que […]

aloe vera

¿Quién no ha oído hablar de los beneficios del Aloe-Vera en la piel? Se trata de una planta que se cultiva para uso medicinal, ya que es una de las diversas variedades de Aloe que se ha demostrado que posee propiedades curativas significativas, gracias a que es rica en vitaminas, minerales, aminoácidos y enzimas. También como […]

Estamos felices. Nos sentimos diferentes pero como nunca. Estupendas. Y aunque hemos esperado durante nueve meses, ahora ya está aquí. Ya somos mamás. Es normal que ahora todos los detalles sean para el bebé, todas las preocupaciones y atenciones estén dirigidas a él. Pero no te olvides, tú también tienes que cuidarte y darte tiempo. […]

We have repeated it time and time again, changes in the weather affect us and play havoc with our defences. Our immune system is affected and colds are common at this time. Coughs, runny noses, prickly throats… The respiratory system is extremely sensitive and medicinal plants can be very beneficial and help to prevent autumn […]

Mint is a plant commonly used to add flavor and cook certain dishes. It is also used for preparing cocktails and some medicinal drinks. One of the most important properties of mint is that it has antispasmodic and carminative effects, helping fight digestive problems, especially indigestion, flatulence and stomachaches or stomach cramps. In addition, this […]

Brewer’s yeast is a type of single-cell fungus that is used to produce beer. This foodstuff has a high content of proteins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium) and vitamins in the B group (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 B9 and B12). It also contains essential amino acids, indispensable for human life and necessary […]

Quinoa has become positioned as the trendy superfood due to its innumerable benefits and properties: it contains many proteins and minerals, little fat, and is gluten free, thus suitable for those with celiac disease. It was part of the diet of pre-Columbian cultures and Spanish colonists exchanged it for other cereals. And now the opposite […]

Today we are going to talk about kale, a plant with green leaves that has a high vitamin and mineral content, that is causing a sensation. It is also known as curly cabbage or borecole, from the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage family. This vegetable acts as an anticarcinogen and detoxifier, it cleans the liver and […]