Sunday January 2nd, 2022

Properties and benefits of mint

Mint is a plant commonly used to add flavor and cook certain dishes. It is also used for preparing cocktails and some medicinal drinks.

One of the most important properties of mint is that it has antispasmodic and carminative effects, helping fight digestive problems, especially indigestion, flatulence and stomachaches or stomach cramps. In addition, this medicinal herb is very effective in treatments for menstrual pains.

It is also important in treatments of the respiratory tract, as it has components that are powerful expectorants. Mint has very effective components for dealing with nervous disorders, and it is highly effective as an antiseptic and painkiller.

You can consume it as an infusion or in leaf form. And, it is very effective in eliminating bad breath thanks to its content in menthol. It is also used for inducing sleep in people with insomnia and for eliminating accumulated gases in the digestive tract.

And you, what do you use this wonderful plant for?