Find a peaceful spot, hit play, keep reading and let the music do the rest.

You are listening to the most relaxing song ever created. The piece was composed by the British trio Marconi Union, three men from Manchester with an amazing talent at developing musical atmospheres with synthesizers.
The song is called Weightless, and it was made with the help of sound therapists, and based on several theories about the nature of sound.
It is only a bit longer than eight minutes, but reduces the heartbeat, blood pressure and presence of cortisol (associated with stress). It neutralizes 65% of the presence of anxiety and people who listen to it relax 35% more than in their usual state of rest.

The beat of the guitars, piano and electronic samples decreases as the song advances. There are silences included that separate every note, creating a sensation of comfort and ease. The combination of all these elements is what makes the relaxation absolute.

Do you know a more natural way to relax?

Try it out yourself when you feel overwhelmed or anxiety is eating you up inside, put on this song, close your eyes and let yourself be transported.
Maybe it is not the actual song, but everything else that accompanies it. So maybe we should all stop at least eight minutes a day, close our eyes, and let ourselves go.

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