bronceado saludable

Estamos a punto de entrar en el verano, llegan los primeros rayos de sol y las primeras salidas al campo, a la playa, a la piscina… y aunque todos deseamos “coger” rápidamente ese tono dorado y saludable, antes de hacerlo debemos tomar algunas precauciones. Es importante saber cuál es nuestro tipo de piel para así […]

We bet the first thing you think of when we mention swimming pools is not exercise. However, despite the obvious summertime connotations of chilling out, vacations and relaxation, the swimming pool can be the best place to burn calories. Although many gyms offer classes like aqua fitness and aquagym, you can include it in your […]

Now the heat has arrived, there is no doubt that our skin is being exposed to the sun and we have to take precautions. Because, even if we do not see it, sun screen protects our skin more than we think and it is very important to take it seriously. The amount and the type […]

The lovely tan that the sun gives us is highly desired by almost everybody, but beware, if we are not protected the sun can inflict a lot of damage. El Naturalista wants to help you to get ready for the sun in 3 very simple steps: 1st. PREPARE YOUR SKIN FOR THE SUN The first […]