Thursday May 13th, 2021

Swimming pools, the best gym

We bet the first thing you think of when we mention swimming pools is not exercise. However, despite the obvious summertime connotations of chilling out, vacations and relaxation, the swimming pool can be the best place to burn calories.

Although many gyms offer classes like aqua fitness and aquagym, you can include it in your routine if you have a swimming pool at home or one nearby that is open to the public.

When we are in the water, we weigh less and the ability to float means that the body does not strain itself, helping us avoid injuries. Moreover, the dynamics of water are always more attractive, due to their free time component and because we can do them in a group or on our own.

We have five exercises here for you that help burn calories, and we’ll tell you how to put each of them into practice:

Running in the water
But without moving. For this exercise, you need to simulate how you move when you are running, raising each knee up to your chest alternately as quickly as possible, and running in place without moving for 30 seconds straight. This exercise is a warm-up for the rest.

Water jogging
You can do this exercise in the shallow end, or in the deep end if you want more intense workout. So you just need to jog for a set time, stopping now and again, as it can be very tiring. And if you are jogging in the deep end, you could drown.

You’ll need a foam roller to do this exercise, placing one leg on each side of it in scissor position. Then move your feet back and forth and to the sides.
If you do it in the shallower end of the pool, you’ll get more exercise on your legs, and if you do it in the deep end, you’ll also exercise your arms, trying to balance on the roller.

You’ll use the foam roller for this exercise too. Go to the deep end of the pool and put the roller between your legs, as if you were going to ride a horse. After you are in position, move your legs like you are on a bike.
And if you also add arm movements, you’ll get even more exercise.

The jump rope
For this exercise, you’ll use the foam roller as if it were a jump rope. As the roller wants to float to the top, you’ll have to fight against its movement. It is important to do so by using your breathe. This exercise is basically abdominal, so try to use the muscles in your abs, breathing in when the roller is over your head, and breathing out, contracting the abdomen, when you move it under your legs, “jumping rope”.

What do you think? Should we head for the pool?