A good night’s sleep is the most important thing so that we wake up with energy and have a productive day in all areas. Moreover, it helps us feel better, makes us look better and is absolutely necessary for leading a healthy life and regulating our metabolisms.

But not everyone sleeps well or has the ability to do so. Hence leaving drugs out of the equation as much as possible, herbal teas from natural plants are the best option for helping us sleep like babies, as many of them have properties that induce sleepiness and rest, both in adults and children.

Tranqui-tisana is an El Naturalista product based on traditional plants that favors rest and peace-of-mind. It is taken as an herbal tea and is characterized by a blend of the plants that are employed most often for nervous and stressed states: valerian, passiflora, white thistle, orange blossom and black horehound. It is recommended before going to bed for people who suffer from sleep disorders.


Lime blossom is one of the most well-known herbal teas that is most often used by most of us when we feel nervous and wound up, to help us relax and sleep well. This is another natural option that will help us relax and fall asleep more easily.


And for children, we also have a natural plant-based product that will help them sleep well, especially the most energetic and hyperactive kids who may have trouble falling asleep. It is called Chiquirelass, which is sold as a syrup that favors resting and peace-of-mind and is made from a blend of plants employed to relief these nervous conditions among the youngest members of the family –lavender, lemon balm, lime blossom and chamomile.