Ah yes, the famous grey. But no, we’re not talking about just that.
Like our skin, our hair ages over time. Dyes, hormonal changes, stress, chemicals, exposure to the sun, hairdryers, straighteners… All of these factors, after 40, make our hair weaker and lose its elasticity and shine.

This is why we always recommend using less chemicals and switching over to a natural, organic hair line, as well as nourishing our hair with vitamins.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you need to pay more attention to your tresses:

Weakening: hair appears finer and weaker, with a tendency to be fragile, with split ends and breaking.

Loss of volume and density: hair loses body, thickness and volume.

Dryness: even if you’ve always had greasy hair, this can change over the years, starting at the ends and extending throughout the whole head of hair.

Loss of shine: hair seems more opaque and gradually loses color.

Increased hair loss: with age it’s common to experience hair loss, and not just for men, and hair regrowth slows down.

What can we do about these symptoms?
The most important thing, as we said before, is to treat your hair in the most natural way possible. And, above all, to start soon. Hair that’s well looked after from a young age will be healthier in the future.

Gelatin is a protein found in the collagen of bones, skin and some animal cartilages. It helps to strengthen our hair and nails thanks to the high quantity of collagen.

The best way to strengthen our hair with gelatin is to add a small bottle of this protein to the bottle of shampoo we use daily. Shake it up to mix well and then use as normal.

Olive oil
If we add two teaspoons of oil to dry hair before showering, it will help to give shine and lock in moisture. We can leave it on for ten minutes with a shower cap on, and then wash and rinse as normal.

Thanks to its nutrients, honey strengthens and gives body to hair. Apply a little honey to your hair and spread it around with a light massage to penetrate the hair.

After 15 or 20 minutes, remove it with warm or hot water, or wash hair as normal.

Egg is rich in vitamins E and D, which are fundamental for healthy hair and nails. We can achieve these benefits by consuming eggs, but also by applying it directly onto the hair.
Beat a raw egg in a bowl and apply it all over the scalp, massaging lightly with the fingertips. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold or warm water, never hot, and shampoo lightly to remove any egg residue.

Did you know these tricks?