Increasingly more people suffer from the Dory effect and at an increasingly earlier age. Careless oversights that occur at an increasingly greater frequency: one day it is your keys, another your cell phone, the next something that you had to do. And suddenly we find ourselves living surrounded by thousands of alarms or post-its reminding […]

¿Recuerdas qué cenaste anteayer? Si tu respuesta es: “em…”, tranquilo, no eres el único. Cuando nos hacemos adultos y adoptamos una rutina diaria nos vemos sometidos a temporadas de estrés y mucho trabajo que junto a un mal descanso nocturno nos provoca pequeños lapsus de memoria. ¿Dónde he dejado el móvil? ¿Qué quería decir yo […]

Si existe algo que nadie nos puede quitar son los recuerdos. ¿O sí? ¿Cuántas veces hemos tenido que tirar de memoria para poder acordarnos de algo? Y es que la memoria, esa fantástica herramienta que poseemos los seres vivos, nos ayuda a recordar experiencias pasadas: aquel primer beso, el nacimiento de un hijo, una cena […]

The number of people in the world suffering from dementia has soared above 40 million, and cases of Alzheimer’s are becoming increasingly more widespread. In addition to other factors, it seems like our diets have a highly significant role in the development of this disease, especially with regard to the consumption of high-fat dairy products, […]

Everything that goes through our head has some impact or another in the body, and everything we feel affects what we think, and vice-versa. And, although it is impossible to control our emotions, it is important to do specific exercises that distance us from our emotions and keep our brain running well. There are many […]