Estreñimiento. Mala digestión. Pesadez. Tripa hinchada. Está claro que una buena alimentación es la clave para que nuestro cuerpo se sienta bien. Pero  también es necesario contar con un buen tránsito intestinal para sentirnos del todo a gusto y muchas veces esto no pasa. Este suele ser un problema muy habitual en las mujeres. Y […]

You’ve probably heard all the recommendations experts make for regulating intestinal flora. But the truth is that we pay more attention to other organs in our body than our intestines, and this is a mistake because there can be serious consequences to our bodies if they are not functioning properly. We mustn’t forget that the […]

Digestive problems are very frequent in our society due to a slew of factors, including our diets and nervous system disorders. The modern lifestyle and personal habits lead us to eat quickly and to eat a higher number of fatty foods that simply do not help us digest our food well. At other times, people […]