Saturday September 11th, 2021

A slice of lemon in your drink, yes or no?

Lemon, the faithful companion in all our drinks. And now, more and more, in the water we drink. But, is it as healthy as it seems?
The answer: it depends where they serve it to you. If you buy your own lemons and consume them at home, it can be very beneficial.
But, be careful when you go to a bar or restaurant…

The Journal of Environmental Health has published a study in which over 20 samples of lemon slices from different restaurants and pubs were analyzed, and it concluded that over 70 per cent of the samples contained a large amount of microbes.

It does not sound so appetizing now, does it?

Researchers stated that the microbes found had enough potential to cause infectious diseases throughout the body. Now, the probability of this infection happening is still unknown.

If you think about it, it is logical. They cut the slices of lemon with their hands and then they go to a container. From there, they usually go to a glass (if we are lucky using an ice tong), and they are even placed on the edge, which is where most of the saliva has been deposited.
Nothing should happen if we believe that these containers have been cleaned properly, but it is still possible that they are carrying microbes.
The advice is to cut the lemon when serving, which will reduce the possibility of microbes generating in the containers.

We are sorry; we neither will look at that appetizing lemon in our soda the same way again.