Friday March 8th, 2024

Natural remedies for poor memory

Increasingly more people suffer from the Dory effect and at an increasingly earlier age. Careless oversights that occur at an increasingly greater frequency: one day it is your keys, another your cell phone, the next something that you had to do. And suddenly we find ourselves living surrounded by thousands of alarms or post-its reminding us of what we can’t keep in our memory.

As we were telling you the other day, technology can be the root of this problem, but it can also be something genetic, due to stress, lack of sleep, high blood-pressure or taking certain medicines numbing our brains and producing memory loss.

Buy, luckily, nature is wise and always has the solution to everything. Let us tell you a trick to keep your memory active:

Sage infusions: Sage has many benefits, but recent studies have shown that consuming it improves the memory and can even minimize Alzheimer’s. Rosemary also has these properties.

Nuts: we have already told you about the benefits of walnuts, but nuts in general are rich in phosphorous, which helps to maintain an active memory.

Ginger: This plant has numerous benefits for our health, and it can be consumed both in infusions and salads.

Beer yeast: it is rich in vitamin B1 that acts on the nervous system and improves intellectual performance.

Berries: cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. strengthen the memory, due to the fact that anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants delay cognitive deterioration caused by aging.

Ginkgo biloba: it is a plant that contributes to normal intellectual performance and decreases tiredness and fatigue, since it is rich in vitamins B5, B6 and B12.

But it is not all down to food, keeping an active mind is very important for your memory to function correctly. Reading, doing mental exercises, talking to yourself, doing diagrams, lists or relations of ideas are also some ways of facilitating memory functions.

Will you keep all of this in mind?