After spending the summer moving from swimming pool to swimming pool, beach to beach and deck chair to deck chair, our skin and hair need to be pampered so they can recover from vacation excesses.

Split ends, dryness, elasticity, shine… High temperatures, exposure to the sun, lack of moisture, salt and chlorine all mean that after summer is over, we need to start from scratch with our skin and hair.
So here is some advice about how to do it.

Hair and nails
The most important thing is to avoid friction from rubbing with towels and pulling on the hair, so we recommend using wood combs and drying your hair gently with a towel, patting and no vigorous rubbing, and setting the blow-dryer to a lower temperature.

We should also avoid dyes in summer, as the sun tends to change our hair color and dye also dries out the scalp.

Moreover, with the change of season, the scalp and nails are usually weaker and it is important to keep them healthy and strong. To avoid hair loss and nails with cracks or splits, we recommend our specific product in capsules, a dietary supplement with a base of sulfur-containing amino acids (like cystine, methionine and taurine), zinc, iron, folic acid and B vitamins, which constitute the perfect mix for reviving or maintaining good hair health and revitalizing fragile and brittle nails.

In general, it is good to avoid chemical products (especially on the hair) and try to treat it as naturally as possible. With plant-based shampoos and natural, organic products (solids or liquids), selected depending on each person’s hair type.

If our hair is dry, we need to moisturize it. With masks, nourishing creams or serum. Always start from the middle and move towards the ends, avoiding the roots, and rinse with cold water to bring out the shine.
And, of course, getting a haircut is always good, even if it’s just the ends: before starting vacations and at the end.

The same thing happens to our skin, although if we are lucky enough to have an ocean destination, the salt residue, humidity and breeze will all make our skin softer and less dry.

Even so, sun and chlorine do damage our dermis, causing ageing and making our skin lose elasticity and moisture. That is why it is so important for us to stay hydrated during summer months, both inside and outside, and to protect our skin suitably from the sun’s rays.

We should exfoliate the skin at least once every two weeks to remove dead skin and impurities, which will help prevent the appearance of dark spots and flaky or peeling skin.
Then we should moisturize the skin with creams or body milks, but most importantly by drinking enough liquid, as true hydration takes place on the inside.

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