Either due to laziness, or because we ate too much at the last meal, or we don’t want to get fat, or we think we’ll eat later because we’re in a rush… We probably skip at least one meal every day. Or at least it’s probably happened sometime in the past.
Deep down, we all know it’s not good, but what we may not know is what happens in our body when we decide to skip a meal.
When we don’t provide our bodies with the calories it needs, it tries to obtain them by using the sugar reserves stored in the liver, kidneys or muscles. And when these reserves have been used up, the body starts to burn fats.

But careful, because this does not mean that we are going to lose weight because we don’t eat dinner or breakfast; it is actually totally the opposite. Because when we eat, our body separates a dose of insulin that helps control weight and, if we skip a meal, the next one will be bigger, we will generate more insulin and with it gain weight. As well as feeling anxious, being in a bad mood and not being able to concentrate due to feeling hungry and lack of food.

Another fact you may not have known is that the act of eating actually burns calories. The digestion and metabolizing of food are exercise in and of themselves. If we eat five meals a day, which will be smaller because we won’t be so hungry, we’ll be getting exercise five times a day.

I don’t know about you, but we think that sounds great…

In other words, try to be hungry less and to eat more balanced meals. Of course, this doesn’t mean sitting down to eat and not stopping, as we have to know how to measure, neither eating too much nor too little to not damage our body.

Remember: a good breakfast, a healthy snack at mid-morning, a varied and complete lunch, a small afternoon snack and a light dinner at least two hours before we go to sleep.