Sunday June 9th, 2024

Why are we so tired?

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much we sleep, we are still exhausted. Tiredness takes over, and we lack concentration, lose our appetite, and only have the energy to stretch out on the couch.

The truth of the matter is that many things detract from our ability to sleep, beyond just having a bad night.

The mind and stomach play major roles, and we’ll tell you why:

1. We take work home
We’re used to being constantly connected to the workplace. We are available 24-7 on our cell phones, have our email accounts open and believe that when we work outside the office, it is not really working, which is not true.
What we are basically doing is extending our work schedule and, with it, worries, physical and mental exertion, and a feeling that we aren’t doing our job well if we rest when the workday is over.

So, less guilt and more unplugging when the workday is over.

2. Not doing exercise when we are tired
Another very common mistake. We get home tired and the bed is much more enticing than the gym. What we don’t bear in mind is that beside the fact that exercise boosts our energy levels, it will also make us rest better.

3. We are too perfectionist
Wanting to do everything perfectly is tiring, really tiring. We are constantly trying to do things better, and want to have things that are bigger and nicer… more more, more. But what happens is that when we achieve these goals, we still keep wanting more, and therefore our hard work doesn’t have a clear reward, what ends up being exhausting.

Psychologists confirm that it is essential to assume that nothing in this life is perfect and that, apart from wanting to do things well and give them a go, we shouldn’t become obsessed with perfection.

4. We cut back on carbohydrates
In general, foods rich in carbohydrates are viewed as foods that make us fat and are the first things we eliminate from our diets. But we need them because they give us energy. This is so true that experts recommend having one portion for breakfast and another at lunch to keep up a good pace throughout the day.

5. We want to do it all
We don’t trust the people around us and we have to constantly check and review everything that we delegate to them or, in the end, do it ourselves.
And this is as bad for those who do not know how to delegate, as for those entrusted with the task in question. For the former, because they end up with an overload of responsibility, and for the latter because it fosters insecurity and a feeling that they are doing a bad job.

We are not only speaking of sharing the load, but also about realizing that the way we had planned to do or solve an issue may not be the only way, and it is absolutely fine to do it by other means.

6. We skip breakfast or eat very little
A lot of people skip breakfast or just have a coffee and think this is enough. But as we’ve been correctly told our whole lives, it is the most important meal of the day. And experts recommend including one portion of dairy, one piece of fruit (whole or juice) and one portion of bread or cereals.
And if you are not used to eating breakfast, you can start out having small portions at home and then rounding it out with a mid-morning snack.

The ideal situation is to achieve a mind-body balance that lets us feel calm and recover natural energy. And if we still feel exhausted, maybe it’s time to go to the doctor 😉