Monday November 23rd, 2020

Why does coffee make me sleepy?

You’re working and suddenly you feel awfully sleepy, but you mustn’t sleep, you need to stay alert and perform. The solution? You have a coffee.
Great, problem solved.
But, did you know that coffee actually has the opposite effect on some people?

A study by the University of Columbia has revealed that neither coffee nor other stimulants, such as amphetamines, increase motivation levels, unless you are a sluggish person. If you are an active person, it won’t have any effect on you, or it may have the opposite effect.

This study was done taking two samples of lab rats: one sluggish group, one active. The two groups were given coffee and amphetamines but only the sluggish ones perked up and gave quick responses.

So, if you consider yourself an active person, you should take into account that these stimulants may be detrimental to your performance.