Drinking tea has become widespread in recent years, most notably in infusions, and even replacing coffee consumption in some cases. The reasons? Maybe because of trends, maybe because of all of their benefits.

Specialists state that tea has clear antioxidant power, so it is recommended in sports medicine to prevent cancer and in anti-aging therapies.
The teas with the most beneficial properties are green and white teas, which have polyphenols and flavonoids and, in addition to being antioxidants, they provide a boost, nutritionally speaking.

Their use has also become common in diets, especially green and red teas (known for their fat-burning power), and not only in herbal teas, but also concentrated in tablets. This is because they speed up the metabolic process in which our bodies transform lipids to meet energy needs.
But, as we already remarked in our post on miracle diets, we should be cautious when ingesting them for this purpose. Drinking tea to lose weight must be combined with a varied diet and exercise.

Experts confirm all the properties and benefits of tea, but advise not abusing it or introducing it to our diets for medical purposes without consulting a doctor or nutritionist first.
One or two cups a day are enough to obtain the benefits and not lose minerals if we drink a large amount. Another way of avoiding this loss is by taking tea tablets, as they do not have the diuretic effect of liquids.

They could also effect our ability to sleep, since they are stimulants and not everyone tolerates them in the same way. Red and black teas have the highest concentration of theine, so it is better to drink them in the morning or early hours of the afternoon, never later.

And if you don’t want to drink tea, we can still benefit from their properties in soaps and creams, as they are also employed in cosmetics, especially green tea, which is recommended for acne-prone skin and for dermatitis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

In short, if you’re a tea fan, keep drinking it in moderation and, if you aren’t, start trying out all their benefits.