Friday September 17th, 2021

Autumn colds and how to avoid them

Let’s admit it; the desire of stretching the summer always bites us back. The rain and cool temperatures catch us by surprise and we end up in bed with an awful cold.
And, this is why, in today’s post we are going to give you some tips on how to adjust to autumn without catching a cold.

Recognize the symptoms
The common cold follows a rather habitual sequence of symptoms: sore throat, general malaise, with or without fever, nasal obstruction, mucus and a dry or slightly productive cough. If we start to notice any of these symptoms, we should be alert.

Take precautions
Doctors believe that the most efficient measure is to frequently wash our hands. A scientific study revealed that eight hand washes per day at different times reduce the incidence of digestive and respiratory infections by 50%, especially if you share telephones, office equipment or even food.

Careful with the temperature variations
In the first days of autumn, temperatures can change from cold to hot in a second, thus favoring viral dispersion.
Now, time has come to debunk the myth of catching a cold when leaving home with little clothes or wet hair. This only makes us feel colder, but we are equally infected with dry or wet hair.

Take care of your diet and hydrate
Although it is true that taking more vitamin C during this period will not save you from the colds, a well-nourished person will always have a better immunity system.
Likewise, if we have caught a cough, the best thing we can do is hydrate with pleasant liquids, such as honey, water that is not very cold or infusions and hot drinks (as long as they are not too hot).

Be patient
The time it takes to get rid of a cold varies according to age and to the existence or not of other illnesses, but doctors say that it usually lasts for a week, although it is normal to continue with mucus and a mild cough for a further seven days.