Wednesday April 21st, 2021

Healthy intestines, happy life

You’ve probably heard all the recommendations experts make for regulating intestinal flora. But the truth is that we pay more attention to other organs in our body than our intestines, and this is a mistake because there can be serious consequences to our bodies if they are not functioning properly.

We mustn’t forget that the intestines are responsible for processing the waste generated by the body, and not taking care of them can cause allergies, depression and weight gain.

This organ has interconnections and insulating materials similar to those in the brain. It is our body’s largest sensory organ and needs the same care as all our other vital organs.

One of the most important tasks of the digestive tract is recognizing what we can and cannot tolerate and, hence, the subject of allergies. Over time, medicine has evolved greatly, and bacteria and our body’s way of fighting have changed along with it. We have eliminated so many bacteria, that we’ve even removed part of those that benefited us, which is why our intestines cannot handle certain substances.

The best way to have healthy intestinal flora is to be in contact with bacteria that are not infectious. This is why it is so important for children to spend time in nature, so that young and old alike have an escape route from the big city.

Moreover, it is well known that intestinal transit has a large influence on our mood. And the reason is that there are neurons in the intestines (almost as many as in the brain) responsible for maintaining proper levels of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine (the main ones that shape our state of mind). And bacteria’s job is to stimulate or inhibit the connections between these neurotransmitters so that they are at suitable levels.

And, just like we will be in a better mood if we have intestinal health, stress and worrying make this organ not work well due to excess cortisol.

We’d like to suggest a few of our products recommended to help with these problems:



Rolled oats or brewer’s yeast

– Herbal teas: flax, burnet, sencha green tea and black tea.