We do not usually stop to think about our posture until we cannot endure any more back pain. What if we think about it before? Do we really know how to sit down, stand, walk, sunbathe…?

Maintaining a bad posture is not only related to the pain that can appear in our back, but it also affects our mental well-being.
Therefore, it is important to:

Rest well
The best posture is lying on our left side, in fetal position and with a cushion between our legs. This way the reflux from the stomach is stopped and the spine remains straight.
But, of course, we must also bear in mind the quality of the mattress, which must be firm but not hard, and that the pillow fills the gap between the mattress and our shoulder, so as to avoid any problems in the cervical area.

Learn how to get up
When getting up from the bed, we should first bend our knees, turn slowly to lean on one side and get up sideways until we are sitting down, using our arms as support.
When getting up from the chair, we should first lay our hands on the armrest -if there is no armrest, on the edge of the seat, on our thighs or on our knees- and, then, move towards the edge of the seat, slightly moving back one foot, which will serve as support and help us push upwards to get up.

Work in good posture
Here is where there is more danger of suffering pains, hernias and all kinds of muscular aches and pains. It is where we spend most of our time, without counting the bed, and it is almost always sitting down. If we are static, it is advisable to get a stool and put one foot up, alternating it with the other, thus relaxing the lower back. The time we spend sitting down should be interspersed with short walks or just standing.
In the afternoon, it becomes a little bit more difficult, the body is more tired and it automatically seeks a resting position, which is not always the most recommended one. Therefore, we should have a break every 45 minutes and walk for 5 minutes, even if it is along the corridor, moving our arms at the same pace. This will ensure that our nervous system clears and help us continue without having to cross our legs or slip down the office chair, dangerously straining our lower back.

Sunbathe properly
If you are one of those people that still enjoy days on the beach, take the following into account. The most common and recommended posture is to be sitting down or face up, making sure that our arms and legs are free to favor good breathing. However, if spending a long time in the same posture causes pain, we can use a folded towel to bend our knees a little.

Stroll or sport
In this case, what is most important is having trained previously, strengthening our lower body musculature and emphasizing on the quadriceps and core muscles.

Be aware of our posture when talking on the phone
Experts advise against holding the telephone with our shoulder while we are writing or doing anything else with our hands, and much less crossing our legs. This favors herniated lumbar disks by strangulation of the lumbar disc from cervical twisting.

Give a good impression
Our posture, as we have said earlier, has an influence on our emotions and how we are perceived by others. For example, if we have a job interview, we should avoid folding our arms, yawning, biting our lips and playing with something in our hands. We should maintain an upright position, with our feet apart (about 15 or 20 centimeters) and one slightly further in front than the other.
Our posture is our letter of introduction, and we should pay attention to it in any social interaction in which we want to give a good first impression.
Always walk with a straight posture, chest out and maintaining the natural curves of our back, without forcing anything.