Although there are choices in our lives that may seem fortuitous and straightforward, even the type of coffee we drink may pinpoint certain traits of our personality.
This conclusion was reached by Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist who researches how what we eat influences who we are, and how if we change our attitude towards food, we can change our lives.

This time, her focus was 1000 coffee drinkers, to conduct a study in which she analyzed the relationship between certain human personality traits, such as extroversion or shyness, patience, sensitivity… and the type of coffee they drink.

And these are the conclusions she reached:

Black coffee
One can say that people who drink black coffee share more conservative traits. They are patient, calm and like efficiency and simplicity. Changes are tough for them and they can be a bit arrogant.

White coffee
More conformist and attentive. They tend to moderate or soften things in their daily routines, just like they do with their coffee by adding milk. They give to others and are generous with their time, although they can sometimes be tedious and not take care of themselves.

Iced coffee, or mixed coffee drinks
If you like drinking your coffee cold, in shakes or even with a splash of alcohol, you are an influential and highly social person. You like to try new things, are spontaneous and put no limits on your imagination.

Decaffeinated coffee, with soy milk or a very complex blend
If the waiter needs engineering skills to figure out what you ordered, then you are in this group. Perfectionists, a bit obsessive and concerned about their health and physical appearance. They place great importance on order, follow the rules and can be a bit controlling. They have a tendency to worry and are definitely sensitive.

Instant coffee
Very relaxed people, who love to procrastinate. They don’t pay much attention to the details and receive life’s situations just as they come, because they really don’t like planning.

Do you identify with one of these categories?
Obviously, these conclusions were drawn from the subjects of the study, and not everyone will share these characteristics. In addition, many of us may drink different types of coffee or feel identified with several of these traits.
In her book, she states that the choice of coffee could be equivalent to our zodiac sign, meaning generalizations can be made based on the behavior of a single social group.

But, fortunately, it is not so easy to label everybody in this world and put them into one group, since all of us are unique.

And no matter how you drink your coffee, it has numerous health benefits:

• Antioxidant
• Reduces the risk of cirrhosis
• Source of flavonoids, which also help decrease the probabilities of suffering heart disease
• Considerably reduces the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes
• Associated with lower risk of Alzheimer’s
• Used to treat asthma
• Helps relieve headaches and some types of migraine
• Helps reduce the appearance of gall stones and gallbladder diseases
• Prevents constipation and is a diuretic.