We discuss toxins as if they were nothing, as if they were something normal that we really don’t have to worry much about… and it may seem like that. But the reality is that toxins, as the name itself indicates, are poisonous substances –toxic– produced by living cells or organisms. They can be small molecules, peptides or proteins that can cause a slew of illnesses when they come into contact with or are absorbed by body tissues.

So we are going to give you several tips on foods that will help eliminate these toxins, so we can keep our bodies clean on the inside as well. This inner cleanliness will be reflected on our faces and our skin, since an excess of toxins can trigger exhaustion, stress and allergies.

Take note!

Tomato, celery, onion, artichoke and asparagus are some of the vegetables that help most in eliminating toxins from our bodies.

  • Tomatoes are packed full of vitamin C, protect our skin from the sun and are also very low in calories.
  • Celery is a high-fiber vegetable that improves blood circulation and contributes to regular healthy bowel movements. It also contains a large amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the cell walls and helps us recover from injuries.
  • Onions, with their antibacterial effect, help fight all types of contagious diseases, protect the digestive system and improve blood circulation.
  • Artichokes eliminate the retention of liquids and detoxify the liver. Their high fiber content also aids in digestion and problems associated with poor digestion.
  • Asparagus is loaded with fiber, potassium and folic acid, and strengthens the nervous system and the brain function.


Lemon, pomegranate, grape and apple are four fruits that will also help our metabolism eliminate toxins.

  • Lemons have a lot of vitamin C and great antioxidant effects, which strengthen the cells of the body, thus helping to detoxify and clean our metabolism.
  • Pomegranates are a good diuretic with a lot of fiber and very few sugars, with vitamin C and antioxidants that protect our bodies from free radicals.
  • Grapes are another fruit that help eliminate toxins from our body, clean the blood and intestines and strengthen the heart, as they reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Apples are the best fruit of all for eliminating toxins and cleansing the body. They contain pectin, a soluble fiber that decreases high levels of bad cholesterol and regulates the digestive function.