If you’ve left it too late and you still don’t know what to cook for Christmas, we’ve got two ideas for you that are both healthy and tasty. After all, just because it’s the festive season, doesn’t mean we have to overeat and gorge on sweets.

The most important thing is:
Include fruit and vegetables in your meals whenever you can.
Decide on a menu and stick to it because the more food we have within our reach, the more we’ll eat.
Choose lean meats and low calorie foods.

And now, here’s what we propose:

Pepper and cheese bruschetta or cured duck meat, mango and grape skewers.

A seafood soup is always a good choice -nice and warm to beat the cold December weather, but full of taste, iron and protein, and low in fat.
Or otherwise, stuffed avocado, which is packed with iron, potassium and fibre.

Main course
We propose chicken breasts stuffed with figs and served with sautéed pine nuts, roasted red cabbage and apple.

Or, roast beef with piquillo pepper sauce, served with orange and red wine-caramelized potatoes, or with paprika-roasted cauliflower and nuts.

We can’t resist some traditional Christmas sweets but the idea is to reduce portion sizes and serve these alongside berries or other fruits and in small quantities, to balance it out.

So, are you up for making any of these?
Merry Christmas!