No-one can escape from summer any longer. Either you have a swimming pool nearby or live on the ocean, or have the world’s best air conditioner, or you die trying to cool down.
Temperatures are on the rise and our bodies are crying out for more hydration. Which is why we are going to suggest a few natural drinks—especially fruit based—for healthy refreshment this summer.

Orange juice and frozen red fruit smoothie

Oranges have numerous great properties, including: high water content, vitamin C, and minerals that favor fast physical recovery; great contribution of folic acid, beneficial for pregnant women; and antioxidant power, just like red fruits. The latter are also very active for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

We picked raspberries and blueberries, although you can pick the berries you like the best. The fact that they are frozen will give your smoothie a thicker and cooler texture.

The juice from one orange (about a glassful) and a handful of red fruits will be enough for a single serving.
You could also add coconut water or a splash of milk if you like.

Watermelon and lime

They say that regularly consuming lime helps prevent certain types of cancer, combats heartburn, prevents strokes, is a good complement for treating gout and strengthens the immune system. And watermelon contains vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, lycopene and beta carotene, substances with the potential to reduce the risk of cancer, as well as having diuretic properties.

The amounts to use depend on each person’s tastes, so balance the two fruits depending on whether you prefer a bit sweeter or a bit more sour. But the general measure is the juice of one lime and 350 g of watermelon.
Cut the watermelon into cubes, squeeze the lime and blend well, serving it nice and cold with a wedge of lime.

Papaya and orange juice

This is one of our favorites, due to its tropical flavor and because, if the papaya is overripe or a bit bland, we can salvage it by mixing it with the orange juice.

Papaya is a perfect ally for digestion, fighting constipation, eliminating intestinal parasites, with a high vitamin C content and a great source of antioxidants. It also absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, preventing them from damaging our retina and protecting us from developing cataracts, glaucoma and other chronic eye diseases.

Mix the juice of one orange with the amount of papaya you prefer, depending on how thick you like it, and drink it cold. You could also add a bit of milk or water to make it runnier.

Banana, yogurt and mango

This recipe has yogurt, and you can either make a smoothie or simply mix the yogurt with the sliced fruit.

Bananas are one of the fruits with the most calories (after avocados). However, the belief that it makes you fat is wrong, since it hardly contains fats, helps eliminate liquids and has a satiating effect.
It is very rich in sugars, and in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium.

And mango is an antioxidant, helps in weight control as it stimulates the digestive system, has diuretic properties, is good for dry skin and helps breathing and oxygenation, clearing the respiratory tracts.

Cut up the amount of fruit you want, add natural yogurt and a bit of milk, and mix in the blender. Or put the sliced fruit into a bowl, add the yogurt, and eat it just like that.

As you can see, there are many alternatives, all of them healthy and refreshing. Can you think of any more tasty blends?