Friday July 2nd, 2021

Art under the open sky

Inhotim, in addition to being a botanical garden and cultural and events center, is the largest outdoor museum in the world. A social project whose aim is to promote culture among the groups in the main mining basin in Brazil.

The town is called Brumadinho and it is 60 k.m. from the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. A site in which 140 hectares are reserved for this museum that has been active for 10 years. An experience that is equally artistic and wild, in total contact with nature: bamboo forests, artificial lakes, orchid plantations, and over 500 works by artists from 30 different countries. Including the literary swimming pool by Argentine Jorge Macchi, in which you can swim, or the Vegetation Room by Spaniard Cristina Iglesias.

Inhotim is considered one of the largest contemporary art collections in Latin America, which just keeps on growing, naturally and organically.
Undoubtedly an activity that heals the body and mind, making us disconnect from our day-to-day ordinary lives to enjoy something extraordinary, with art and nature.

Indeed, art has many health benefits, as it makes us more observant, stimulates our imaginations, enhances our problem-solving skills, reduces stress, and improves cognitive and memory skills. And if in addition to viewing art, we dare to undertake our own artistic creation, the benefits will be multiplied.

So we encourage you to find your inner artist and let it out. Or at least go to a museum from time to time, or visit Inhotim if you are ever in Brazil.