Ahora sol. Ahora lluvia. Manga larga. Pantalón corto. Con tanto cambio de temperatura ya no sabemos qué hacer, nos estamos volviendo locos y nuestras defensas también. Estamos en esa época del año en la que los resfriados empiezan a llamar a nuestra puerta y raro es aquel que no caiga. Bajan las defensas de nuestro […]

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Breast cancer currently affects one million women in the world and even, recently, some men. It is influenced by many factors, from genetics to lifestyle to environmental causes. Therefore, it is practically impossible to prevent it, and we need to pay attention to any possible symptoms. It has been proven that the risk of suffering […]

The number of people in the world suffering from dementia has soared above 40 million, and cases of Alzheimer’s are becoming increasingly more widespread. In addition to other factors, it seems like our diets have a highly significant role in the development of this disease, especially with regard to the consumption of high-fat dairy products, […]

Springtime started on Monday and, along with the good weather, sun and increasingly longer days, asthenia is also on its way. Although some people believe asthenia is a disease, doctors ensure us that this is not so, and instead is simply the way our bodies adapt to the change of season and more daylight and […]