Having good eating habits doesn’t only mean having a balanced diet; there are many other factors that influence our everyday well-being. The first and most important thing to be aware of is that through good nutrition, all of our body’s organs can function effectively. We also have more energy throughout the day, we physically look […]

pavo de navidad

We bet with all the copious meals these days, you’re having a hard time with digestion. Bloating, heaviness, stomach aches, gas, heartburn… Bad eating habits and changes in meal routines can produce some or all of these symptoms and can be a real inconvenience. If they drag on, it’s best to visit your doctor, but […]

Either due to laziness, or because we ate too much at the last meal, or we don’t want to get fat, or we think we’ll eat later because we’re in a rush… We probably skip at least one meal every day. Or at least it’s probably happened sometime in the past. Deep down, we all […]

You’ve probably heard all the recommendations experts make for regulating intestinal flora. But the truth is that we pay more attention to other organs in our body than our intestines, and this is a mistake because there can be serious consequences to our bodies if they are not functioning properly. We mustn’t forget that the […]

Celery is a vegetable that is very beneficial for your health, with significant medicinal and nutritional properties. It has a large proportion of water (95%) and provides very few calories, thus resulting ideal for diets, although it has many benefits for your health that you might not have been aware of. It has a crunchy […]

We women suffer pain in the lower abdomen during ovulation, during days with premenstrual syndrome, and during menstruation. This pain is caused by contractions like those in childbirth due to the changes happening in our bodies and hormonal imbalances. During these days, we may also get headaches, swelling, depression and feel apathetic or irritable. But […]

Hot temperatures may leave us feeling too lazy to cook. We avoid hot dishes at all costs and end up making the same old salad as always. The key is to keep hydrated, avoid eating carbohydrates after midday and replace fried snacks with fruits amd nuts. Fortunately, there are many foods that are friends of […]