Saturday March 20th, 2021

Write and You Will Feel Better

Writing, setting your imagination free or recounting experiences and stories, is not only something for journalists and writers. You just need a sheet of paper, a pencil and your mind to feel the benefits that expressive writing has on your health.

Just like increasingly more people use coloring-in books to relieve stress, many adults keep a diary and recount their experiences and thoughts.

When you start to practice, you can carry a notebook in which you can make lists or write whatever comes to you at that moment.

According to the experts, reflecting your thoughts on paper (it has better effects for the brain than writing on a computer) benefits the prioritization of ideas in decision making. They recommend doing it at the same time every day and trying to turn it into a routine.

What happens when we write what comes into our mind is that we distance ourselves from our problems. And upon seeing them reflected on paper, our perception of them changes and we are more prone to finding solutions.

How does this therapy help us?

  • You will be your own therapist: writing helps us to overcome our fears and uncertainties, to become aware of the changes that we have undergone and to improve behavioral changes.
  • It helps us to change the view that we have of ourselves and it motivates us to fight against the obstacles in our daily lives.
  • Recognizing the obstacles and tackling them helps us to reduce stress and anxiety, giving us a sense of control over ourselves and over the situations in which we find ourselves.
  • It provides well-being, strengthening our self-esteem and the immune system.
  • We learn to organize our priorities, our aims and objectives, motivating us to achieve them and giving us the strength to make the necessary changes.

Have we encouraged you take on a blank sheet of paper?