El eterno enemigo de las mujeres. Las varices. Que además de resultar antiestéticas pueden ocasionar diversos síntomas y provocar problemas de circulación sanguínea que pueden ser muy perjudiciales para la salud. Las varices, son una enfermedad que afecta especialmente a las venas de las piernas, que por varias razones no cumplen correctamente su función de llevar […]

El colesterol no avisa, es silencioso y no da síntomas aparentes. Sin embargo, dejarlo pasar puede traer problemas graves. Por eso es sumamente importante controlarlo periódicamente. Es verdad que el colesterol es muy útil para muchas funciones de nuestro organismo como la formación de hormonas sexuales, la manutención de las neuronas cerebrales, la digestión de […]

El síndrome premenstrual (SPM) afecta casi a la mitad de las mujeres. Se trata de un conjunto de alteraciones físicas y emocionales que muchas mujeres tienen una semana o dos antes de su periodo menstrual.  A veces los síntomas son leves y aparecen en torno a uno o dos días. Sin embargo, hay mujeres que […]

Mint is a plant commonly used to add flavor and cook certain dishes. It is also used for preparing cocktails and some medicinal drinks. One of the most important properties of mint is that it has antispasmodic and carminative effects, helping fight digestive problems, especially indigestion, flatulence and stomachaches or stomach cramps. In addition, this […]

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The importance of caring for our joints goes beyond whether or not we play sports. Anyone can experience joint pain. It could appear due to our jobs, our age, the sport we play or simply our genes, but it should be taken seriously, especially in the cold weather. We therefore have some tips for you, […]

With the change of season or at times of stress, many people suffer from rashes or other scalp conditions that can cause itchiness and dandruff. The problem is that we often don’t know any effective remedies to treat these conditions and we apply treatment that is probably not a long term solution (for example; anti-dandruff […]

We have repeated it time and time again, changes in the weather affect us and play havoc with our defences. Our immune system is affected and colds are common at this time. Coughs, runny noses, prickly throats… The respiratory system is extremely sensitive and medicinal plants can be very beneficial and help to prevent autumn […]

Evening primrose is an edible plant with many properties, although from the medicinal point of view the most interesting part are the seeds of its flowers, from which, by means of a cold extrusion process, evening primrose oil is extracted. The plant is native to North America and throughout history it has been used by […]

Let’s admit it; the desire of stretching the summer always bites us back. The rain and cool temperatures catch us by surprise and we end up in bed with an awful cold. And, this is why, in today’s post we are going to give you some tips on how to adjust to autumn without catching […]