Después del calor del verano, llega el Otoño. O no. Porque viendo como está últimamente el tiempo, ya no sabes ni en qué época del año te encuentras. Hoy frío y mañana calor. Unas temperaturas que nos llevan a todos de cabeza. El otoño es la estación de tránsito entre el verano y el invierno. […]


¿Qué son los antioxidantes? Son sustancias presentes en  su mayoría de forma natural en ciertos alimentos (generalmente de origen vegetal) que nos protegen frente a los radicales libres, causantes de los procesos de envejecimiento y de algunas otras enfermedades, favoreciendo un estado global de salud. ¿Qué son los radicales libres? Para los que no los conocen, […]

El acné es un problema por el que pasamos muchos de nosotros en la época de la pubertad y que tantos dolores de cabeza nos ha dado. Ahora, nuestros hijos pasan por lo mismo. Se trata de una enfermedad crónica inflamatoria de la piel que involucra las unidades polisebáceas y que está extendida por todo […]

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

During menopause women are more prone to suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. Hence, food plays a very important role in controlling these and other negative symptoms of menopause, such as difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, mood swings and bouts of depression. To make this period easier to bear, there are certain […]

With the opening of swimming pools and the crowds of sun lovers on the beaches, the infection of the summer makes its appearance. We’re talking about cystitis, a urinary tract infection caused by the presence of microorganisms on the walls of the bladder. It especially affects women, is one of the most frequent in Spain […]

Cholesterol is a fatty substance needed to produce estrogen, vitamin D and other vital components. It is found in some foods, but is also produced by the liver. There are two types of cholesterol: – The bad one, LDL or low-density lipoprotein, which is deposited on the walls of the arteries and can cause cardiovascular […]

We bet the first thing you think of when we mention swimming pools is not exercise. However, despite the obvious summertime connotations of chilling out, vacations and relaxation, the swimming pool can be the best place to burn calories. Although many gyms offer classes like aqua fitness and aquagym, you can include it in your […]

Find a peaceful spot, hit play, keep reading and let the music do the rest. You are listening to the most relaxing song ever created. The piece was composed by the British trio Marconi Union, three men from Manchester with an amazing talent at developing musical atmospheres with synthesizers. The song is called Weightless, and […]