Wednesday September 28th, 2016

Healthy drinks when you go out

We may try to eat well all week long, drink a lot of water and go to the gym. But then the weekend comes, and going out to bars can put all our hard work at risk.

The healthiest drink —both in and out of the house— is undoubtedly water. But for those of us who prefer another option, it is always best to choose natural drinks, without added sugar or alcohol.

We are going to review a few of the healthiest drinks to have when you go out and how many calories they have.

This is the healthiest option after water. A 100 ml glass of red wine has about 75 cal. In comparison, white wine tends to have the least sugar: 70 cal. a glass.

The way to drink beer so it has the lowest possible number of calories is to drink it alcohol-free or order a shandy (with fresh lemon juice). These two options have 72 cal.
A pint of pale ale has 165 cal. and dark beer has 60 cal. per 100 ml, 20 calories more than a pale ale.

If we replace lemon soda with tonic or fresh lemon juice, the calories drop to 187 cal.

The most appetizing drink after lunch or dinner. It has approximately 192 cal. and with light tonic: 124 cal.

For lovers of dark alcohols: 205 cal. The calories are so high due to the combination of alcohol and soda, so try switching to the light or zero cola version.

Do you know what you’re going to order this weekend?